{Friday’s Home Bakery}

I spent all the afternoon baking cakes, cookies, breads…
Now you know that I love to bake and to take pics… I’m obsessed ( in a positive way) with that!

I’ve a lot of books bought on Amazon with interesting and yummy receipes to try.

So… today I’ve made a Poppy Seeds Vanilla Bread…

I’m not a lover of poppy seeds but this bread is great and it’s fantastic for the morning breakfast with a cup of hot coffee or a glass of milk!

The next loaf/bread/cake it’s my glory. I’ve made a Chocolate Babka. I’ve found the receipe in one of my favorite food blog “Cavoletto di Bruxelles“. It’s not really complicate but needs a lot of time of preparation. The dough need to be rise in a draft-free place at warm room temperature until doubled in bulk, 1 1/2 to 2 hours and then another hour!

I’m so proud…It’s soft, sweet and spicy ! I cut the loaf in little slices and put them in bags in the refrigerator so I’ll have my babka everytime I want and it will be fresh as I’ve just made it!

I’ve made a mono portion of Babka for my friend…

Classic Extreme Chocolate cookies… for sad and lonely moments…

Don’t you feel just better when you eat chocolate?

My last experiments was “Red Velvet Cupcake”…

It’s a cocoa cup cake but RED! I had it last year in New York and I’ve always wanted to bake my red velvet cupcake to give to friends that couldn’t go to NYC and couldn’t taste such a delight!

The receipe is really easy and fast. For the frosting I’ve used a Cream Cheese and I’ve decorate them with candies!

what do you think? do you love the pics! I need a macro lens…

Now it’s time to go to bed! I’m just thinking that I love so much to bake that maybe ….

goodnight ladies!

Have a terrific weekend!


P.S.: don’t worry! All the cakes/cookies/cupakes are in the regrigerator! I won’t eat everything by myself!