{I heart my MOO}

I’ve always desired to have my own business card. Not the usual card. Name , last name and your details… to serious! I wanted something that was only mine, that reflect me.

Few months ago I’ve discovered MOO. MOO is a printing company. They print beautiful products using images you’ve uploaded directly or designs from their gallery.

MOO dreams up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products for the real world.

And so I did it. I had the chance to try to make my MOO for free just to see what they look like before to make the real order (that I still didn’t do it!). It was easy, fast and the result is super duper cute!

This is how they arrive !

Mine was a sample pack of MOO Business cards, I only paid the cost of post & packing. Every card is printed with a MOO ‘watermark’ including a discount code.
You can do your own Business Card, your miniMOO (the cutest!), stickers, postcards. I’ve told you it’s easy …

click on the pic!

I’m gonna order my new miniMOO…and You? What are you waiting for?

sorry… I’ve almost forgot… Do you know DACE?
From Canada, it’s a nice fashion brand that I’ve met during my first year of blogging.

Adele, from DACE, contact me ‘cause they are launching a promotion on Feb 1 and you might be interested in. They asked Dallas Shaw, an amazing artist (www.dallasshaw.com) with a fantastic shop (www.dallasshaw.etsy.com) to create 5 fashion illustrations of models wearing dace pieces from their spring 2010 collections.

On Monday they will lunch their first spring delivery and they will be giving away these prints to everyone that purchases something from the new collection online. They will be giving away 3 originals to the first 3 to purchase something after the mailer goes out.