{Sweet chaotic days}

It’s the chaos! Totally and defenitely and we are in the middle of it!

Yesterday we had the move. At 8.30 a truck come to pick up all our things and then we had to empty it and bring furnitures, boxes, poackages, bags, etc at the third floor of a very old building: No elevator, lots of steps (67!) and very very steep stairs!

just few things …

But at the end we did it! The worst has passed easily! Now it’s my turn! Do you remember the song “Girls just wanna have fun”?… I will!

I will enjoy every single moment and I will take care at every single detail! I’m not saying that I’ll finish to decorate it in a week or even in a month. I’ll take my time to find all the little things that will give a strong personality to our house!

I need to enter defenitely to understand what I need, what I’d love to have … I need to live our house…

The thing I like the most in those days is my daily picnic…

Now I have to thank Fede…I won her giveaway ! She’s a very sweet and kind friend but you already know her and our frindship! …

What do you say? you don’t know her? Go check her blog…

Thank you for what you’ve said about me….Thanks a lot, your words mean a lot for me and thanks for the giveaway, you made my day!

Don’t forget to enter my Easter Giveaway… I know it’s a fantastic sensation to win something so don’t loose the chance to be my lucky winner!

Hope you enjoy my pics and my (almost) daily report…

(photos by me)

The view from my windows… astonishing!

Good night!

  • what a lovely view! your home looks like it has great potential. i can't wait to see what you do with it!

  • Anonimo said:

    Che bello! Mi piace tutto, grazie per aver condiviso con noi questi momenti, vedrai che giorno per giorno la casa si trasformerà assumendo un suo carattere. Good Work!

  • Anna said:

    Stupefacente a dir poco!!!
    Immagino già il tuo nido...STREPITOSO!!

  • ci piace questo caos con i fiori freschi lì in mezzo!!!!é un piccolo anticipo di quel che sarà la casa!

  • Che meraviglia il tuo blog, sono incantata. Complimenti!

  • It is always so exciting to have a fresh start in a new place. It is such fun rearranging your favourite objects. Best wishes for the new place.

  • Amy said:

    Your views are amazing! I love that little bit of light in the second view and the last view is gorgeous. Good luck with all your decorating, I know it will look fabulous.

    I hope you have a good weekend! xoxo

    P.S. Please, can I share you views in the Through My Window series?