{Weekend part 2 – Treasures}

As promised yesterday, I want to share with you what I found at the antique.

It has been a very “fruitful” weekend. I didn’t have an exact idea of what I was looking for and so I started nose around. I’ve choosen with feelings and with the help of Mr B.

Even if we didn’t need anything we found some beautiful treasures!

We bought a lot of things and we’ve made good deals!

The mason Ball jar was something I was looking for since ever. I have already one or two of them but they are never enough! I am a big fan of storing almost everything(craft supplies, buttons, ribbons, candies…) in glass jars or using them as vase or candle holder…

Many years ago my dad bought some Seltzer at the antique market during one of his frequent trip and since then I’m a huge fan of this amazing bottle! I’ve bought that for Mr B! It’s Spanish, beginning of 1900. Ther’s a telephone number printed above … Just 2 numbers: 28…

Those old medicinal jars from a pharmacy of florence! I had to negotiate a bit for the price but at the end I won! Aren’t they lovely?

Now I have so many glass jars, vases that I could sell them. I can’t stop from buying it they are my current obsession/passion!

They found their place in a niche in the wall at the entrance. I’d love to fill it with marbles.

I’ve seen that lamp on saturday morning. It cought my eyes immediately ‘cause it was exactly the lamp we were looking for. I called Mr B and he come to see it. We thought about it all the weekend till yesterday evening when we decided to give her a home, a warm place to stay, surrounded by people who will love and will appreciate her. I think she will love her new family! She only need a “makeover” and a new “hat” and she will be perfect!

As we were leaving I’ve seen this fantastic small leather trunk. My mind made a click: “What a beautiful bedside table would it be!” – I thought – and so we took him at home too!

It was covered behind many other luggages but I’ve seen it. I have an eye for beautiful things!

and I was right! Perfect!

Goodnight girls…I’m sorry for my lack on visiting and commenting you! be patient, I’m almost at the end!