{Friendship + Little Princesse}

I’ll be Aunt Gaia soon.. my friend Mary will have her first baby in less than a month.

Beatrice, Bibi (how we will call her), is supposed to arrive around May 11th. I’m so excited and happy for Mary. It’s more then 10 years we know each other.

We had a friend in common. She introduced me to her when I come back from USA, where I lived for 6 months many many years ago! Now the common friend has disappear and our friendship is stronger then ever.

We had our periods of up and down but we never stopped to talk. She’s the kind of friend that always tell the thruth. She doesn’t play games, if she has something to tell you she goes straight to the point and I can always count on her. She’s no enviuos and she’s proud of me.

She’s having her best period ever. Pregnancy transformed her in a better way. She’s totally another person, a better one (even before she was a great girl but now she’s better, sweeter, quite, beautiful, … ).

I’d love to take some pics of her. She asked me to do it before the big day! I’ll show you!

I’m so happy I have few friends that I really love and that are truly important to me and she’s one of them.
You know, you have the fashionista friend, the intellectual friend, the twin soul friend, the funny friend, the caring friend. I’m so lucky I have all of them! (you know who you are!!!)

Anyway…. I’d love to have a baby (more then one) soon but till then I’m happy to be “Aunty Gaia”.

I have so many friends that have children and for them I’m the Aunty! I’d love to be that kind of aunty that teach you to paint nails for the first time, or to call for boy’s problem! I’d love to be the “crazy” Aunty, that bakes always big quantities of amazing cupcakes”…

I’ve found (don’t remember where!) Makie an american brand from New York (the city I love): I’m thrilled by the collection. I love everything. Those are the kind of clothes I’d love to wear too and that I’m always looking for!

Bibi would be so beautiful…

Thanks my friends!!!

Friendship makes the world go round… don’t you think!

  • Debby said:

    Adorable little clothes. You will make a great Auntie.

  • Oh Gaia, that is beautiful. You are truely blessed to have so many good friends. I am sure you are a fantastic Aunt and you will make a great mum one day too! Congratulations to your friend. I pray that everything goes well for her! The clothes are gorgeous! xx

  • Amy said:

    Congratulations on becoming an Auntie soon. I know you will be a great one. I love all those little clothes! I had an Aunt who lived near New York and would send me beautiful dresses for Christmas and Easter. Hope you are having a great week! xoxo

  • oh congratulations!! thats so exciting! And those baby clothes are so adorable!

  • Mela said:

    che delizia questi completini...E congratulazioni alla tua amica, e a te che diventi zia :-p
    xo Mela

  • Ciao Gaietta,
    mi sono persa qualche post....perchè in questi giorni sono in giro per l'Italia....
    Queste tue foto sono Splendide!!sei Bravissima!!!
    un abbraccio

  • Raru said:

    I love your post. I think that you have to be a happy girl with so many friends.
    wish you happy nice friday.


  • Mara said:

    Ciao Gaia! capito nel tuo bellissimo blog dopo un giro rocambolesco (come succede spesso nella blogosphera!)e mi innamoro subito di questi completini...assolutamente meravigliosi! sono mamma di una bimba di 1 anno, quindi mi colpisci al cuore con foto così! Poi leggo attentamente il post e non posso che condividerlo! Io sono sempre stata una da pochi amici ma sinceri, preferisco contare gli amici sulle dita di una mano, ma sapere che su di loro posso contare!!!
    Sono diventata follower ed ora vado a leggermi anche i post più vecchi!!!
    A presto!

  • paula said:

    how cute are these! I know my ellie would love them all.