Finally Summer is arrived… hot tempeature, fresh sea water, sun, breeze, drinks…Can’t wait for the next weekend!
  • The ambient on these pictures is wonderful... and yellow... and I like yellow! :)

  • After seeing your comment on me and my sister's blog, I have been going through all your past posts. I must say how lovely your blog is and addicting. You post such beautiful pictures and it makes me keep going and going not wanting to stop. Thanks for stopping over! It is so nice to meet new people through this blog world. I also must say that I am so jealous that you live in Italy...I would love to visit there some day. Thanks again...visit any time you want!

  • Ciao bella! Your blog is molto benne. I love these photos, and you are so right, I can't wait for the weekend either...and it's only Wednesday! Do you have any special plans? I think I need to take a trip to the beach, doesn't that sound lovely?

  • Gaia,
    I wish I knew more Italian...I have a big heart for all things Italia. My sister-in-law is from Piacenze and we got to spend a week there a few years ago. I love the Quattrocento, and I have attempted to learn Italian. But teaching myself from books, and no one to practice with, that knowledge gets lost quickly. The one thing I do say on a daily basis is "Fai 'ciao ciao' con la dzampeta (spelling?)!" My sis-in-law says this (manina) when she makes her babies wave good-bye to people, so I say it for my dog!

    And you are going to Spain? I would love to visit. I really need to travel to Europe again soon.

  • Just wanted to leave yet another comment and tell you that my sister and I have awarded you the "Lovely Blog Award". Head on over to our blog and check it out. Thanks for being so inspiring.
    xoxo-Meg and Mel