{Brooke Giannetti}

Brooke Giannetti is an amazing and talented interior design. Her interiors projects are a mix of her love for antiques, beautiful fabrics, and classic design infused with a bit of whimsy.

Most of the interiors items were bought at the local flea market and antique shop. I wish we had such beautiful Flea Market in my town.

I like this room. The white wall and the color palette neutral with some grey and blue accent, are so relaxing. The 2 sofas in front of the fireplace create a varey familiar and intimate atmosphere.
The surf board in the corner is “incredible”!

Breathless…the bathroom in the bedroom… if I’m dreaming , please let me sleep! ( more pics here)…
I’ll defenitely post more pics about her interiors projects…Be sure!

She has also a very inspirational blog… Go check it!

  • Wow! Che bellissima sorpresa... amo il tuo blog e' davvero speciale.. Grazie per il tuo commento... {sono cosi contenta di averti 'conosciuta'}!! Si... a presto... Ciao

  • Tara said:

    Hello! I followed your link from Heather (apriliniowa). I was just looking through Brooke's blog yesterday and I agree she is fabulous. I love her mix of old and new, her designs are timeless! your blog is lovely~

  • Gaia said:

    @ Tara: Nice to met you. I like Heather's blog. thank for your comment. feel free to stop bye any time you want...
    have a nice weekend

  • These photos really are beautiful. I would love to own a house decorated like this. These are definitely going into my inspiration folder for someday when I need them. Thanks for sharing such an amazing find. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  • Aaahhhh. Wouldn't you just love to sleep in that fluffy white bed? And I really love the slatted screens in the second picture, and I know my husband would go crazy for the one with the surfboard!

  • Brooke is adorable and her taste exquisite, gorgeous images...Happy weekend, xv