Hei, Hei hei!!! What’s happened? None of you answered to my questions, it’s the first time…

Here are my question:

* What flavour has your summer ?
* Which is your summer song ever ? * Which is your perfect aperitive ?
* Any particular memories about your childood summer holidays?
* What’s your definition of Summer ? * Where would you spend your next Summer holidays ? * Your must have for this Summer?

You can find pics and my answers on my Forever Summer post, right just before “Greetings from Greece”, that I suppose you like it …thanks for your always nice and warm comments.

I wish you a nice week! Ideas? Plans?Projects?

  • Summer in Australia is always Christmas time and beach holidays! Ax

  • flavour: sunscreen, salt, warm skin, chlorine, boat gasoline, frooty loops...
    song: "all summer long"- kid rock
    aperitive:cheese cream and jam sandwiches
    memories: everything! we used to spend a lot of time on our vacation house, and navigate on boat. I especially remember bathing in the rain... (no really! with shampoo and everything!)
    summer: It´s the sunshine, It´s the warm station, 2-month-long holiday, the numbness that comes after doing nothing for a long while, that dreamy feeling when it´s over, the nostalgia from packing and get back to real life, the piña coladas, the bathing suits, the sunglasses... the summer isn´t just a station of the year, it´s a transitory state in my life.
    next summer holiday: a week of nothing at home, a week for camp, a week for rehearsals and waiting for my sister, then to the beach for some real-life summer!
    my must have: sunglasses, sunglasses and more sunglasses (specially cat-eyed or miss dior cherie style)

  • For me, summer means sun, beach, books, photos, dress, fruits...I'll spend my holidays in England, in the Alpes, in Paris and near Lille

  • Kris said:

    * What flavour has your summer ?
    Beach, Cilantro and Watermelon

    * Which is your summer song ever ?
    Anything by Billy Joel. I am a Long Island girl after all.

    * Which is your perfect aperitive ?
    This is tough because I love everything. As long as it's light, with some acidity and fresh herbs!

    * Any particular memories about your childood summer holidays?
    Making whirlpools at the July 4th parties.

    * What's your definition of Summer ?
    Sun and relaxation!

    * Where would you spend your next Summer holidays ? *
    The Mediterranean... anywhere since I have no places to compare yet!

    Your must have for this Summer?
    A trimmer waistline. ;op

    Fun questions! Sorry I missed them earlier. I think I was hypnotized by the photos from Greece!

  • My summer flavor would be peaches, and the perfect aperitive is a peach bellini. I always remember swimming for hours in the pool, ocean or lake and then sleeping so soundly at night underneath the stars in our makeshift camp in the backyard. I love summer and being able to eat outdoors is my ultimate pleasure.

  • Iva said:

    these are great questions!!! I dont have a summer song! I love way too many songs, I can't pick just one! I love watermelons in the summer :) hmmm my definition ....good question....I'm not sure, as long as its hot its summer to me :) my next holiday is off to visit my family allll over Europe :)


  • Falvour: Ice cream, Piña coladas, lemonade..
    Song: Island in the sun_ weezer.
    Memories: A thousand! Staying in a friends apartment playing guitar hero in a rainy day. going to the pool at night with my friends and singing disco songs. The parties where nobody wore shoes and the bands played Devo songs. The sunsets where a guitar-playing man played retro songs such as Cat Steen's and Bob Marley's and people sang them with their families...
    Summer: Warm days, long sunsets, blue water, boys playing Volleyball, days where your only job is wearing bathing suits and sunglasses and laughing with your friends, 2 months holiday in the caribbean, tan skin, beach barbiques...
    Where: The caribbean, a summer camp, maybe a trip to Barcelona , a cruise, Miami (one week) and La Gran Sabana
    Must haves: My itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini, Fluffy white/yellow/orange simple dresses, sunglasses, lacoste bathing suit, camera...
    Ps I LOVED that Greece post!

  • watermelon, corn, backyard bbq's, days at the beach, finding sand in my bed...oh i love summer

  • Gaia said:

    Hy dearest! thank you for yours precious answers, I liked them all. We have something in common and something totally different as between friends!
    Sun, beach, watermelon are the things that we have in common but also spend time with friends, visit new places...Dresses, glasses, sandals! I really appreciated it! You made my day for real!

  • Iva said:

    YAY! :) we have things in common! SO FUN :) watermelons :) yay

  • no i don't really surf! i'm afraid of sharks!! but i know how.

    that is my little brother. my parents adopted him when he was 3 days old that's why there is such a large age gap between us. he is the cutest little thing and i couldn't love him more.

  • I'm glad you found my blog :) Thank you for your birthday wishes!

    My summer flavour is lemon sorbet, mineral water, prosecco, viktor&rolf flowerbomb, body shop morenga moisturiser.
    Summer song is Darude, Sandstorm and anything by Jack Johnson.
    Perfect aperative is a margarita.
    Childhood memories ~my lips going blue from staying in the pool too long getting cold ~ my mum rubbing sand from between my toes with a towel ~listening to my favourite mix tapes on my walkman....
    I'm going to Egypt later this year for my summer holiday :)
    My must-have this year is a sassy one-piece swimsuit!

    Saskia x

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    summer to me = bare feet, swimming, fruit drinks, and dresses!

  • All the songs from Carly Simon reminds me to warm summer evenings when the sunset gives everything this beautiful warm orange light.My summer musthave is beeing barefoot as often as I can...Your blog is really nice! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein