{Summer elegance}

I know that you know Calypso St. Barth and you love it as much as I do.

Have you seen lately the web site? It is the fifth essence of what Summer should be/is in most of us imaginary and for the luckiest is the real life …

Brighth colors, exotic patterns, white on white, sher fabrics, for you, for your little care, for your body and for your home.

Now let’s play a game…close your eyes, feel your breath…

Don’t you feel the breeze on your hair, the salt on your body, can you hear the sound of the waves, can you smell the sea fragrances?

The beauty of a dream is that is for free and you can dream every time you want…

p.s.: I’ve just found send and little shell on my bag…it wasn’t a dream?

This is St Barth…have you ever been there?

  • makes me want to head to the beach today! I havent been to st.barts but I recently went to St.Lucia and it was gorgeous!

  • Okay, I want to clean out everything in my closet and replace with all these cute summer clothes! Love each and every one of them!

  • I actually have never heard of this brand of clothes before...but they are lovely. I want to replace my whole clothes closet with these too. This beach looks so calming...hopefully I can make it there someday. Hope you have a good weekend.

  • These clothes are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I totally love this style! And I would love to travel to St.Barth...would be really really great!

  • Such summery clothes. Thank you for the introduction!!!
    St Barts is wonderful. Summer is quiet, it the winter months that are high season full of celebs & debs.
    I'd go sometime in between.

  • Gaia said:

    St Barth, St Lucia, Carribean Sea, withe sand, blue water and sky it's just a dream right now!

    Thank you my sunny friends!

  • LOVE st. barth. I've been and we stayed in the hotel which is in your last photo (i think) isle de france. FABULOUS. We can't wait to get back as soon as the kids are more portable! :-)