{It’s a new begin…}

I know that she has already bought all the furnitures for her first apartment, but maybe that pics I took last weekend could be an inspiration for her when she ‘ll have to buy all the accessories and everything she needs (blankets, dishes, glasses, towels… How many things to think about!!!) or for you out there (for me too!!!) who are looking for some ideas!
Deatils are very important and they give a personality to the house!

When Friday she sent me a short message “Yeahh! We did it….” I was really happy for her.
Who is HER? She’s Federica from Sweet as a Candy, my friend, my little sister (9 years younger than me…I hate you!). In september she will start a new chapter in her life: she’ll go living with Giacomo (her all-time boyfriend).

And now the fun (for her) has begun: choosing the furniture, the kitchen, the bed, the bathroom… It’s hard work, but someone has to do it! Right?
So…We have almost (90%) the same taste, we like everytime the same things (and when I say everytime, believe me it’s everytime for real!) and I know that she will love the shoots!

The kitchen a bit shabby, a bit country , very cozy and very french style!

The Bedroom…I know that it will be white. That’s good so you won’t get bored of it and you will be able to change the style depending on seasons and on your mood just changing the blanket and the pillow covers!

For spring could be in pink, green and cream…

… and when Summer will be at the door, just a touch of blu and cream to remind you the sea and the beaches!

Maybe Giacomo won’t be so happy on eating on pink dishes, but aren’t they adorable? You can use it when you’ll organize an “only ladies night”!!!

You can have it in cream or blu!

Deatils and more details

And now two things that I think souldn’t be ignored: flowers and light. Those two are the details that can make the difference. Try to have always flowers around your rooms and be carefull with the light: a perfect illumination could change totally the atmosphere of your home!

That’s it!
I hope you’ll enjoy this virtual tour of this imaginary house and Fede I hope you’ll find some inspiration from the pics!
Good night!

(the pics are taken by me at “Blanc” store in Viareggio)

  • Iva said:

    LOL! Giacomo eating on pink dishes... LOL no I dont think he will be happy with that :)


  • I love that I subscribe to both of you & never knew the connection!!!!
    I can't wait to watch the flat come to life its a wonderful flat & I really LOVE the hardwood floors!!!



  • how did i not know you two were related! i feel like a dummy :) but congrats to her :)

  • Congratulations to your little sis...and what a great virtual tour with great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh Gaia....this post and your words moved me. Really. I am truly touched. Thanks so much, you're my sweet sister!
    All those things are gorgeous! I don't found all the furniture, I need a lot of things and those are perfect for my home! I know this fantastic store and I must go there for buy many things! Dishes, blanket, pillows covers, flowers, etc... We must go there!
    Thanks so much Gaia, you know that I love you. You're my sweetie!

  • Gaia said:

    All of you think that me and Fede are related but not:
    Fede is LIKE my lil sister. We are great FRIENDS but not sis!!!

    Do you believe that if we are not relatives we couldn't be as sisters?

  • Lovely, lovely interior inspirations... I just LOVE the kitchen photos.... one day, one day I'll have a kitchen like that :)

    Saskia x

  • Dot said:

    You have a lovely style!

    By the way, I notice you follow Dabbled. If you're not getting the feed, be sure to update your feed to http://feeds.feedburner.com/Dabbled (in the move to wordpress, some of my readers were left behind, eep!)


  • Friends are the brothers that you choose...isn't right?

  • Gaia said:

    Fede: you are totally right... friend's are the family you choose! Love ya!
    Vicki: I'm a lover of pink and I have the pink dish! Shhh!

  • Kris said:

    Great tips and finds. I can't want to move into a place with more than one room! *sigh*