{Cote provence}

Talking about French Riviera and Provence it’s impossible not to mention the home furniture and their shabby and elegant interiors style . They have the capability to mix vintage and simple pieces with some more elegant and classic!

Provence is absoultely my favourite area of France. I say that because I did not visited yet the Bretagne or Normandia or the Loira’s Castle (they are on my “place to visit wish list”) but I have to admit that it’s really hard to pick just one place. Wherever place in France is stunning!


Thanks to Lee and her inspiring Glimpse of Style, I discovered that store…is not in France but it has nothing to envy to French store in France (!)

Cote Provence, located in the heart of Rathdowne Village in Carlton North in Melbourne , Australia, is owned by Julie (the manager of the store sources all the new products) and Erik Barbey (the buyer of the second hand & antiques)
Most of the furniture and linen in the store come directly from France. They sell furnitures …

and interior complement for your home…

garden furnitures and details…


It’s the perfect period to buy lavender and the scent is so fresh and clean. You can put it in your wardrobe or wit the bed linens.

Zinc wares…

My garage is full of those, my parents use to buy them during their trips to France.


and many other fabulous objects old toys, paintings, candles, paper products…

The aims of the store (as you can read on their web site) are:

  • To have unique, functional, beautiful French products that can be put together to create an individual look .
  • To provide the customer with decorating ideas by presenting merchandise in an appealing and attractive way.
  • To make the customer feel welcome and to provide efficient, friendly service.
  • To ensure customers are satisfied with their products after purchase and to provide any follow up service.

Aren’t those some good reasons (if we needed one!) to visit them?

I know that I don’t really need a reason to go shopping! And what about you? Do you tell to yourself that you MUST go to do shopping because….
Any favs excuses to use?

Interesting links to see…. http://www.mycityantiquing.org/wiki/Cote_Provence

  • Kris said:

    I must go shopping because I will die if I don't! haha Drastic yes, but sometimes I'm not in the mental state to do anything but that! It's quite therapeutic if you ask me.

    Provence looks so special by the way!

    ps. In my latest wine post I gave you a shout out because I tried the Gewürztraminer! :o)

  • Lee said:

    Hi Gaia, what a lovely surprise! So glad you like Cote Provence. Come on over to Melbourne, we'll have lunch and I'll take you to Cote Provence. We could spend the afternoon swooning over their gorgeous furniture & homewares. Lee :)

  • For some reason, I grew up not liking all things French. I think it was always a bit too frilly. I mean, I loved Madeline, and who isn't completely inspired by the impressionists and what they did, and I'd love to visit the Eiffel tower and Moulin Rouge and the Louvre...but if I were to pick a European country to squander all my time and money and love on, it would by my lady Italia, mi amore...and I've never even been to the south!

  • I love all these pictures. I would love to decorate my room with their lovely pieces. Hope you are having a good week.

  • It looks so cozy!
    about France Ive only been in Paris and its impossible for me to belive theres some place prettier in the whole world but maybe when I visit you in Italy I change my mind!

  • Everything looks so beautiful. I love this country-shabby style. I can't wait to start decorate home with provencal items like these.

  • I have given up with excuses... My husband has given up fighting me on it!! xx

  • picking up some lavendar today


  • Susan said:

    oh I love the style of Provence! so natural yet so comfortable...
    great post, xoxo

  • Just got your comment! Been great- yep I live right near terrina (anthro and urban's place) and they have the best lavendar for the house!! Hope you've been well- stay in touch??? please!


  • So many pretty items to shop in your pictures! I'm stucked in the "middle of nowhere" right now=No shopping! I can enjoy your pics instead! Love//Eva