Trèfle à Quatre Feuilles

Virginie and Olivier are the owners of Trèfle à Quatre Feuilles (Four Leafs Clover) opened in january 2007 in Saint Germain en Laye. Toghether, they created an enchanted world made of fabrics and embroidery, unusual objectes and elegant furnitures.

Pastel colors, flower fabrics and antiques remind with charme and nostalgia to the granny’s drawer full of nice objects.

In the perfect french style, elegance and uniqueness caracterize the store.

In the meanwhile I’m waiting to open my own dreamy store, where to collect all the things I like, linen, mirrors, domes, candles, old wall watches, baskets and many more, I’m in constant search of new stores to observe and study to capture new ideas and inspirations…

What do you think? Do you like it?
Can’t wait to find new treasure!

  • Kelly said:

    i'm like you, one day i want to open my own store where i fill it with nothing but pretty dreamy things.

    these pictures are fantastic. i love the one of the doors & all the fabric! so pretty :)

  • This is a great store..I'd like to make a visit..pretty fabric. I'm dreaming of my own beadstore, or a nice boutique with everything pretty..and a coffee-corner with adorable sweets..Dream om! Have a great day! Love//Eva

  • GORGEOUS!! I'd love to have my own store one day, or even just have a larger home so that I could fit more dreamy furniture and knick-knacks in it!

    Saskia x