Saltwater is a British clothing design label based in London and Cornwall.
They have a fresh approach to fashion. Bright colors, feminine shape and a particular attention to details.

They make fabulous simple clothes that will live forever in your wardrobe. They will survive at the momentary fashions.
Fashion goes through different realities and styles but the classic style won’t go never out of fashion.

I like Saltwater because they make comfortable clothes but elegant too, the use good quality materials, they are not afraid to use bright colors remaining classic and stylish!

Dress and boots it’s the perfect “couple” for winter!

I’ have a bed obsession with coats… I think I just need that green coats, it will fit perfectly with my entire wardrobe!
Those clothes will make you feel better and you’ll love them!

Do you have an obsession with a special clothe or accessory? Do you have your “must have” fashion list or do you follow what fashion says ?

Usually I buy what I like not following exactly fashion and what I need ( I know I don’t need anything… I know it!) . For example I love studs in belts, bags, shoes but I won’t ever wear something with stud because is not me. I love high heels but I cannot wear them ‘cause I’m more a ballerina girl.

My “winter must have” are:
– my winter colors are : blue, dark green, grey, brown and a small touch of bright color.
– wellington boots (hunter boots are my fav);
– crochet hats and scarves. Huge and very warm scarves (I’m always chilly). I’m looking for a green one;
– crochet fingerless mitten
cardigans : they are a pass partout ‘cause they are perfect on a dress, with pants and flats…
small belt to wear on cardigans;
– colored and fancy pattern socks;
– new pair of black ballerina ( I just say goodbye to my last one, it had a hole in the sole!)
– a lot of accessories: broochs, big gipsy earrings…

What about your winter list?

  • Cyma said:

    Well we are approaching summers here in Australia, but I do like your choices :)

  • pretty cool!
    youre right its comfortable but fashionable!
    why do you think I am older Im actually turning 14 next month...
    anyway its still flattering

    I know i have said this many times but I LOVE your nice comments you always make my day...
    thank you about that

  • Amy said:

    I like them all! It has been so nice here but this week it is so cold. It snowed today (only a little). I love printed scarves, wrap sweaters, and wool coats. But I really do need to buy a pair of warm boots and new ballerinas.

  • I wish I had more space in my wardrobe..I'm obsessed of lovely patterned, nice colours and smooth fabrics, and the special small details of cloths (buttons, the seams, decorations)..more than the cloth itself..Very nice- this Saltwater..wonder if I find it in Stockholm?!! Love//Eva

  • I love those clothes and that coat, it's gorgeous! Winter is far away for me here in Florida but when it does come, my must have list is:
    a universal winter coat
    simple but colorful sweaters
    comfortable scarves
    killer brown boots
    winter hats

  • Elena said:

    io vorrei tanto averti come compagna di shopping, ma non per un pomeriggio di novembre, ti vorrei per tutti i weeeknd.

  • Gaia said:

    you surprised me!