{Weekend is in the air…}

Any particular plans?

I have no idea what to expect from this weekend…nothing planned yet… Bake, Photos, Shopping with girlfriends, stay with Mr B., dinner with our friends or a movie…Simple things are the best!

I’ll tell you on monday what I have done!

Hope you’ll have a terrific weekend and I can’t wait to hear your plan!

I bought my first pomegranates… I need to make a wish before to eat them! I’ll prepare a fantastic salad…

  • Amy said:

    Have a great weekend darling!
    Will definitely see you here on Monday.

    P.S. I posted about a photo swap. You take a roll of pictures on film and swap it with your partner. Have it developed and post them on your blog. It sounds fun! Thought you might like it. I'm thinking of using the Diana camera. You have to register by 10/18.

  • Iva said:

    Have a great weekend!! I love pomegranates! Everything about them is fantastic! the shape, the color, and THEY TASTE SO WONDERFUL!! :) Enjoy the salad!!

  • gaia!!!
    woho super cool and awsome gaia!
    I hope you have the greatest weekend ever!
    Im just going to the movies or something...
    I miss your tags they always made me happy

  • Susan said:

    awww, I love-love-love pomegranates!
    have a lovely weekend, dear!

  • hope you have ine really great weekend! I think that I'm going to sleep ;)

  • Gaia!
    My actual name is Gisela but things in venezuela are not exactly well (kidnapping, stolen blackberries no really once I was in the movies and some thieves closed it and told us to leave our blackberries in our seat or they wouldnt let us go because here blackeberries are the most common cellphone, Chavez wants venezuela to be communist: the goverment forbided an ad beacause its theme was : Dont let people take what its rightfully yours so you can guess wahat a president we have)so I cant publish my name address or stuff in the internet because Im not exactly secure. Im lucky I have my spanish passport and I can leave whenever Ii want to but my parents (and me) want to fight for the still beautiful country we live in

  • Hope you had a great weekend! I finished some projects: some new bracelets, and a knitted cap to my daughter..Movie is always a pleasure! Love//Eva