{A cold sunny weekend}

Hello ladies!
How are you? How was your weekend?

I’ve done a lot of things as usual I do every weekends.

Saturday morning I did shopping to the Radà outlet store, an italian clothing and accessories label very nice and romantic. Luckily a friend introduced me to the outlet where you can find very interesting occasion at a good price ‘cause, otherwise, it’s very expensive!
They sell shoes, bags, clothes, scarves, accessories with a very feminine touch! For a romantic and strong woman, a rock-and-roller lady! A modern Audrey Hepburn!

They have also nice things for home… when I’ll have my own nest I’ll buy something for sure, candles, domes, table set!

We ended the day with a fantastic dinner at the Indian restaurant … Potli samosa, mint chicken, basmati rice with vegetables and spices…I love indian food!

Yesterday we slept till late. It’s great when it’s cold outside to turn over in bed under the blankets! Since it was a sunny day, not particularly cold, we took a wolk from home to the city center that it’s almost 5 km ! We walked for more than 4 hours!!!
Nike shoes to be comfortable, my camera and ready to go!

I found those roses in a secret gardens that I’ve discovered behind one of the old doors of the old palaces of the center…

My one and only Mr B.

Unfortunately all the stores are closed on Sunday. Just very few are open… We love to stop at the library. Lately, I’m totally in love with books about photos. Yesterday I found Steve Mc Queen’s photo book. I think he’s fantastic, great actor with a innate style and he had the kind of face you’d love to take a swipe at. What a fascinating look, don’t you think?

Ok Paul Newman was fantastic too! Hard to choose!

and then me after 3 hours of walk…!!! tired to death, and we had almost another hour to walk before to arrive at home!

I hope you had a great monday! See you tomorrow!

  • Iva said:

    you take such beautiful pictures!! :)

    I love the blue coat the girl is wearing! so pretty! :)

  • Kelly said:

    your pictures are beautiful!! i really like looking at all your shots! so creative and romantic.

    and that Italian outlet seems amazing!!! i wish we had one in the U.S.!

    sounds to me like a great weekend :)

  • what a fun weekend Gaia! Your photos are stunning.

    This Rada' place seems fabulous. I might have to check it out this spring when I'll be over there...

  • Amy said:

    Great pictures! I really like the line of posts and the arched walkway. I agree with you Steve McQueen and Paul Newman do have great looks.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  • Your photos are beautiful! Made me feel like I was there (sans the painful and tired feet!).

    Love the shot of you and Mr. B - what a good looking couple!

  • Gaia, what a wonderful life you live! And your images are lovely! Happy week! Monika.

  • What a wonderful walk Gaia....I love black and white portraits too, xv.

  • Discount outlets are the best!

    Your weekend looks so lovely... gorgeous shots Gaia.


  • Elena said:

    io vi porto da Apres Midi se voi mi portate da Radà. è una minaccia :)

  • Kris said:

    What fabulous pictures! I love a good walk like that. Takes a lot out of you but it really clears the mind!

    ps I FINALLY posted my answers to the one-word game! :o)

  • I love Indian food too! It's sooo good.

    Those accessories are so glam, I love them! And great photos!

  • Susan said:

    love your photos so much!
    have a great week, xoxo

  • Gaia said:

    @Elena: mi sembra una bellissima minaccia! affare fatto...!

  • oo wow stunning photos in a stunning place, what a perfect day you had!! i love relaxed days of walking and exploring oh and sleep ins of course! :) and yes i like the girl with the blue coat and hat too- shes adorable! x

  • You had a great weekend -interesting pictures -like the 'blue-coated-girl'..!! Love//Eva

  • Hello Gaia...I'm having so much fun exploring your blog...it's wonderful. My 20 yr old daughter has been to Italy 4 times, by herself when she was 17 and 18 on archeological digs in Rome and Pompeii..LOVES it and speaks perfect Italian. I'm so glad you found my blog which led me to find yours. Trish