{8 am}

When I’m home, in Tuscany, I like to wake up early in the morning and take a long walk on the beach.

My house is just in front of the sea and when I open the windows and I see the sea I don’t need nothing else and all the pains fly away , all the problem doesn’t exist anymore…

I’ve already told you (I know!) but the sea, for me, has a curative power for my body, my mind. I’d love to live near the sea. Different rhythms, different smells…

Even if I like summer or hot weather, I love the beach with nobody around, I love it ‘cause I love the silence and the sound of the waves…I can think, relax and begin the day in the positive way.

I collect shells and wools took by the sea on the seashore. I always look for glasses molded by the water, then I put everything in big jars that will decorate my shelfs.

Where’s the dog!?

(pics took by me)

Tomorrow I’m going back to the city… bye bye sea!

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Thank you all for your help and support!
Have a nice day!