{Happy Easter}


Thank you for your nice comment and for being always there !

I’ll be away from my blog for few days but I will come to visit you. I will take more time to comment on your posts, to visit new “friends” , to make and organize new projects and to stay on my sofa (we still don’t have the bed!) in my new house… Yeahh!

Actually I won’t have too much time to relax but I will try to do my best !

Today I was all alone at home, Mr B had to work and I couldn’t go anywhere ‘cause the Ikea’s Guys had to finish to build my library and the wardrobe.

My mom and my youngest brother made a surprise. At 1 o’clock they show up with food and flowers… Just in time for a perfect pic nic!!!

I still don’t have chairs, forks, spoons, glasses. My mom had the brilliant idea to go to one of my fav place near where I live ( I live… so strange!). Se brought salads, soups and a dessert… A very healthy food!

She had flowers too, my favourites but she’s my mom , she knows me!

I made some cookies and a cake to celebrate so many things but first of all I want to wish you a very joyful and relaxing Happy Easter!

I’d love to hear from you what are you going to do!

Before to live… please do not forgive to enter my Easter Giveaway and tell to your friends about it! I’ve decided to postpone the end of it: you can enter it till next saturday!

Happy Easter!

(photos by me)