{Spring at home}

Flowers are the essence of a comfortable home. They are fundamental to create a cosy atmosphere an to give an attitude to your rooms.

White hyacint cut off ( I use to buy bulbs, but I think I’m late!) and freesia. They really smell too good. Their parfum spread all over the house for more than a week so you don’t have to buy flowers every 2/3 days.

Buttercups… a gift from Fede… always kind…

What do you see? The back or the front?

I dont’t like to arrange flowers in normal/usual vases. I prefer to use unthinkable objects or to tansform jars in vases. I love the porcelaine vases like those I found, or silver glasses or marmelade jars…

Flowers are the protagonist so they do not need an important chrystal vase, don’t you think?

Tulips, few days left for them , then we will have to wait for the next year!

What flowers do you love? I can’t wait to see peonies, lili of the valley, lavender, wild flowers, magnolia … and you?

Ladies…last day to enter the Easter Giveaway!

Have a terrific weekend…I’ve so many plans, nose around the antique market, try to assemble the bed, try to finish to paint some doors, take some pics, cook and bake…

I’m so happy!

  • gorgeous I also have hyacint these days at home, freshly cut from... downstairs, but dont tell :P
    I like the new layout btw! have a great weekend decorating the new house xo

  • You have a busy & fun weekend planned, I hope all goes very well. I love peonies, lilacs and sweet peas. Very often the simplest of flowers I love. Even daisy's.

    Wishing you a glorious new week ahead Gaia ~ deb

  • Anna said:

    Adoro circondarmi dal colore e profumi di splendidi fiori...
    Divertente il programma per il fine settimana, non mi resta che aspettare per poter ammirare i tuoi acxquisti.
    Buon w-end, Anna.

  • Anonimo said:

    Ma mi dici dove trovi tutta questa energia? Complimenti anche per il cambio di look al blog.
    Auguroni per tutto, Antonella

  • Lovely post with beautiful flowers! I now have some Snowdrops in my garden, to tell the spring is on it's way..Have a great weekend!//Eva

  • Susan said:

    love the new "outfit" :)))
    have a fab weekend, darling!

  • Ma che bello i nuovo layout, molto più fresco e primaverile!
    E che dire, hai ragione, i fiori ci vogliono sempre e non hanno bisogno di vasi preziosi... io spesso uso i bicchieri!
    buon week end

  • è proprio vero, danno subito un'aria di casa.. Questa mattina c'è il mercato esto aspettando paolo (mio marito) per vedere cosami porterà oggi.... Sono davvero felice per te!! Naturalmente per il giveaway ho già provveduto a suo tempo è bellissimo!!

  • They are all so lovely! I completely agree that flowers do not need fancy crystal vases. I love the tulips here! I use everything from drinking glasses to vintage coffee tins.

  • Amy said:

    I'm with you, I like to put flowers in different vases and jars. I LOVE the tulips in that jar. I took lots of photos of flowers this weekend. Lilac's are my favorite but they aren't ready yet. Hope your weekend was good! xo

  • Elena said:

    bellissima la foto che è diventata header!