{Once upon a time…}

… a beautiful wardrobe lived in a very nice home with a very nice family…

One day , the owner decided to move in a new home with her fiancé and she decided that the wardrobe should go with her…

The wardrobe was worried about the idea to leave that family. It lived in that house for more then 20 years and he adored his little room. The owner, instead, was so happy to take it to the new home because she felt like having piece of her family with her, they lived toghether for so long that she didn’t want to grow away from it! The wardrobe, at the end, happily accepted to move!

Before to move it need a little rejuvenation. It needs to change his style. Born at the end of the ‘800 it always had the same look. It only changed the color for his second move (his first was from England…but it’s a long long story) when it arrived at her owner’s home. It was brown and became pale pink…

So the works began…

First of all the owner ( with the help of her fantastic assistant!) took off the wall paper that cover the inside of the wardrobe, then the old paint ( I know it was the hard part! They used some chemical product that smell terribly) , sand the wardrobe entirely and started with the prime base.

Then they started with the paint. They have chosen two colors. Two different grey. It’s a good choice…at my age grey is perfect! Sober, strong with personality!

Fortunately she used a fantastic paint and I felt very happy and curious about the result!
It took more than 3 weeks to see it but it worthed the wait!

After having painted twice they (the owner and her assistant!) were not completely satisfied and so they decided to make some stripes… Good decision! I have to say that my owner has a lot of ideas and she know what she does!

What have I said? Stripes are amazing, don’t you think?

To embellish me more, they added some console tables, some decor and the chicken wire and …


Don’t miss the end of the story and the result!

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