{Girl’s Dinner }

Hello my friend, 
It’s friday afternoon… Thanks God it’s friday and in few hours I’ll join my family in Tuscany and tomorrow I’ll be at the beach….What I really need!

Yesterday evening I’ve invited Federica and two other friends for dinner. Mr B. wasn’t at home and I wanted to spend few hours with my friend enjoying good food and nice talks. 
You’ve already seen/read Federica’s History about the evening (I LOVE IT!) 
Thank you Fede, you’ve done a really nice job!

 (my personal photographer!)

 The preparation take me always a lot of time but at the end I’m happy with the result!

I love to have dinner at home with friends and I love to pay attention to all the details. I want my “guest” to be happy and comfortable chez moi…

In few hours I’ve organized everything…

Flowers, candles, food, cocktail and a fresh dessert. Everything was perfectly set up when they arrived!

Flowers in old bottles and candles in little paper bag…

Flowers: pink and white freesia

Cocktail:  Bellini Cocktail, with peach nectar and lemon juice and iced wine

Gnocchi with pesto and tomato
Mozzarella and tomato
Chicken Salad

Dessert: Coulis of Mango with coconut ice cream erved in preserve’s jars.

Micaela loved it!

And this is Chicca…

I’m off for the entire weekend….

Have a great weekend darling, see you on monday!



send me your post within next week!

Love yoU!


  • Lynda said:

    Well Gaia, the evening, your table and the foods looks marvelous!!!!!! Maybe you can share the recipe for the desert???;)

    Enjoy your beachy weekend!!!


  • Love the picture of myself shooting on the sofa :) Really a cozy chase lounge!
    Beautiful pics as usual :)

    Cheers from a new blonde...

  • Gaia, what a dinner, your table looks exquisite and your menu divine. I am so happy I found your blog via Olive's blog.

    Have a wonderful evening and weekend.


  • Ooooo i wish i wish....i live there......by you...such a wonderful girls evening......your table looks so good !! ..i also eat Gnocchi on my birthday party for the first time...it really nice food !! i like it......wishing you a wonderful weekend.........hugs from Ria....

  • Oh what a wonderful evening that looks - but are freesias in bloom now in Italy? Mine were over months ago, in fact just yesterday I sifted through the precious bulbs and planted some in new places. Nothing matches the smell of freesias.

  • Eri said:

    Very beautiful table setting, lovely flowers and candles, magic dinner and fantastic home, compliments!

  • Mara said:

    M hai apparecchiato una tavola stupenda, Gaia! e ho visto le foto del menù da Federica...mmmm da leccarsi i baffi!!!

  • this looks simply perfect!
    i wanna be one of the girls too!!!!!

  • All looks lovely! Well done! Next time I want to be invited!

    I am hopping to Sweden next week. I am so excited!

    Hugs to you my friend,


  • MC said:

    Wow!ci sono anch'io!
    Il dessert era delizioso!
    I love you

  • O_O sono sbalordita. Nn siete mica umane voi! no no !!! a me ci vorrebbe un mese per organizzare tutte quelle cosine e anche una volta organizzate di sicuro ci sarebbe qualcosa che va storto.
    ma come fai/te?!
    anyway, foto stupende! quella con il lume di candela é davvero unica!!! e i dolcetti nei vasettini ooooooh my god! che tenerezza!
    un bacio e tanti complimenti!