{Memories & Coffee }

Good Morning!
Did you have a great weekend?
I spent two amazing day at the beach with Mr B. and my family.
Everytime I visit my family in Tuscany I go to Marina to do some windows shopping or at the famous Saturday’s market.

Last Saturday I’ve met Giandomenico, the owner of “Lo Studio” an amazing store and cafe.  Together with his family he runs this uncommon and fascinating place. A one of a kind place: old things,
vintage clothes, old furnitures and many more!

At 6.00 pm they serve a great aperitif outside on the street and you can lay down on the sofas or in old style chairs waiting for the sun goes down!
Giandomenico is a very nice guy and he has two beautifu children (I can’t show you their pics without his permission…I’m sorry!).

The attention to details is what I’ve loved… Little bouquets on every table… So romantic!!!

(photos by me)

One more week and I’ll be on holiday!!! And you?
Have a nice week!
Bar Lo Studio
Via Carducci angolo Via Puccini
Marina di Pietrasanta (LU)