Thanks to Laura that organize the aperitif with Fede and Micaela (and all the boyfriends), 
monday afternoon I met Mimmo & Naz, not only two amazing photographer but also two great guys! 
They offer bear to all of us…. Thank you guys we owe you a drink! 
They are from Toronto and they were in Italy for a wedding. They shoot amazing wedding all over the world!

 Mimmo has Italian relatives and married an italian girl. When he talks he moves his hands as a proper Italian guy.

 Naz was born in Iraq and he’s the more silent between the two, this is the first impression I had…

They do Photography and Super 8mm Cinematography you can see their video in both their blog or website
You see those pics and you are like “WOW” , then you meet the talented, interesting guys and you can’t believe at yourself. They are so nice and friendly that I was super surprised.
Those last day have been so magic and full of experiences, sensations, feelings . I was happy , I was sad I was excited I was down…
They collaborate with Style Me Pretty one of the best online wedding resource

They told us about their jobs, they fly all over the world to shoot weddings. Isn’t it amazing?
Thank you guys, I hope to keep in touch and meet you again one day…
Go check their website and blog
I forgot… we had Leonardo with us! Laura’s beautiful son…
Gotta go! 
I woke up with a Summer rainstorm but now has stopped
Take my bike, my camera and …
see you tomorrow!


Having great people around me is the best gift I could ask for. I’m becoming a better person!
I’m more focused on my goals that I’d love to share with my talented amazing old and new friends.
I don’t have to name them. They are real, they are from childood, they are from blogland, they are from next door. 
They know who they are and they made my days everyday.
Meeting great artist is helpful. You “breath” their talent, you capture every single word and move they do…

I’m starving of knowledge!

  • che bello conoscere persone così' stimolanti e creative vado subito a conoscerli "virtualmente" anche io...
    mhhh...Ma se devo essere sincera in quasto momento invidio di più la bici ed il profumo del mare dopo la tempesta!!!

  • Che serata piacevole che è stata! Mimmo e Naz sono stati carinissimi e come hai detto anche tu è sempre bellissimo conoscere e parlare con persone stimolanti e creative come loro.

  • Ma cos'ho? mi basta vedere la manina del mio bimbo per piangere come una fontana!!
    è stato davvero un incontro piacevole e stimolante! Dopo le vacanze ci sediamo a un tavolo e tiriamo un po' le fila, che abbiamo delle cose interessanti da fare insieme!
    Un bacione Gaia!

  • Ma che bella manina cicciotta che ha il piccolo Leonardo! Cucciolo! Ragazze che serata super deve essere stata la vostra, la prossima volta aperitivo sul mare...offro io! :)


  • Bonjour Gaia,
    What a fabulous day filled with such talented people! What a job that would be! Love Leonardo's chubby little hands and fingers - so sweet!
    Hope you are having a good week, are you ready for the weekend,
    Bon soir,