{Guest post: Ashley}

Good morning…
My guest today is an artist. Her name is  Ashley and she’s an interior designer. I’ve met her on the webland few weeks ago.
 She submitted me one of her works and we decided to post it today !

La mia ospite di oggi è un’artista. Si chiama Ashley ed è un’interior designer che ho conosciuto tramite web. Mi ha inviato uno dei suoi lavori affinché ne facessi un post e così abbiamo deciso di fare questo guest post.
While I was reading her blog I’ve noticed that her wedding (she’s got married in May 2010) has been published in La Belle Bride website . 
Mentre curiosavo nel suo blog ho visto che il suo matrimonio (si è sposata a maggio 2010) è stato pubblicato su “La Belle Bride”.  
Congratulations Ashley you are talented and very very beautiful! I will defenitely post your wedding, decadent and elegant!
Congratulazioni Ashley, oltre ad avere un gran talento sei anche molto molto bella! Mi sa che dedicherò un intero post al tuo matrimonio da favola…!
I love it!
My friends go check it out and enjoy the guest post!
Hi , I’m Asley!I graduated with my degree in Interior Design in June of 2009. I got married in May 2010. I got so much positive feedback from my wedding design (décor, details, bridal party attire), that I realized it was FINALLY! J) time to start my own design business. 
My wedding was on such a small budget (I basically did not have a budget for it!), that one of the elements that I wanted to be able to offer my own design clients, was design that is affordable! I felt, that you did not have to go to expensive stores and spend lots of money in order to produce great design (which is a misconception that a lot of folks believe in!), all you have to do is get creative, and re-purpose things you already have, or “bring life” to treasures found at garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. So that is basically my design motto J.
My company offers interior design services, photography, set design and styling (which is a passion of mine), wedding design, and we are in the process of adding custom invitations (I did custom ones for my own wedding!). Right now I am using a cute little blog to showcase my work www.AshleyKrogman.tumblr.com, but I have been working on a “full-blown” website that should be up and running within two to three weeks. I believe that you get things done in a timely manner, however you take all the time you need to get things done well, professional, and exactly how you want them. I am a perfectionist, and I try to settle for nothing less than what will make myself and clients fall head over heels in love with! I started my design business about two and half months ago, so we are still brand new, but hope to be up and running with lots of clients and fun jobs here soon! This feature means so much to me!

“For this beach home, I used flea market, and garage sale finds, and spruced up some of the items the owner already had, with painting and distressing. Since it is a beach house, we went with a “beachy” look, mixed with some antiques, and completed with some cottage and traditional items. The owner prefers a traditional/classic look, but since this is not her main house, she wanted a little beachy, vintage, fun look thrown in as well, something different from her main house.

The owner prefers light walls, and white cabinets throughout, so she chose light blues and greens, complimenting the white cabinets. The light, pastel backdrop helped in making the tiny home, appear much larger and comfortable!

Many of the accessories were found at garage sales, and un-used items that had been sitting in the garage or attic for awhile. All that most of the items needed were a good cleaning, and/or a fresh paint job.

There was not a large budget for the staging of this home, so we had to be wise in keeping within a budget, and re-purposing what the owner already had, and only purchasing affordable garage sale or flea market finds. 

We also invested in some funky, vintage, Reader’s Digest books to fill the shelves, only ten cents a piece! The color palate used for this home was soft blues & greens as the back drop, with accents of pink, turquoise, and natural wood found in the accessories.

It was so fun to get creative, and pull different colors and accessories together, and see what worked. Sheer curtains were casually tied onto the rods, for an effortless, “whimsy”, “beachy” look.

 I also used pops of red, and bright pink (very sparingly) to draw the viewer’s eye in, and to compliment the muted pastel backdrop. Collections of shells were also used throughout. The overall look of the beach cottage, is so peaceful, soft, and soothing. I had so much fun staging and decorating this home, I hope you have as much fun viewing!

What inspires me right now in design: Anthropologie, and Urban outfitters are the two stores I love, and they constantly inspire me. I love aspects of Shabby chic mixed with 1960’s and 70’s retro, and the simple, clean lines of industrial looking design. The color white, is my favorite. I feel I can make the most “eye-catching”, inspiring work using white. I like anything outside of “the box”, and anything different, and unique. I love to see creativity and design used in unexpected ways and places.
 Thank you for letting me guest post on this beautiful, inspiring blog 
Thank you,
Ashley Krogman

Thank you Ashley!
See you soon with another guest post!