{Happy Birthday}

Happy Monday!!!
Today it’s a special Day!
It’s Mr B.’s Birthday!
Who’s Mr B.?
This is HIM. My lover boy!
Today is 35 and it’s almost 9 years that we are together.
He won’t like that post. It’s pretty shy and discreet, but I love him so much that I want to celebrate him today here with you!
He’s my friend,
He’s my lover,
He’s my everything,
He’s my world!
We are similar even if we have different character and interests.
He’s the moon I’m the sun
He’s solitary I’love to be with friends
He’s rather unsociable I’m sociable 
He’s distrustful I’m open to everybody ( He’s always right!!!)
He’s smart
He’s serius
He knows how to make me laugh
He’s full of imperfections
He’s handsome
He’s HIM…
Happy Birthday my Topo!
I love you more than yesterday less than tomorrow
Devo chiedervi un favore grandissimo:
Una mi cara amica, Jessica,  ha aperto da pochissimo un blog
Andate a darle il benvenuto?
Buona settimana!