Brocanterie Déjà-Vu

Through spring and summer, there are brocantes in every little town and village all over the world. Actually, I don’t know the difference between flea market and brocante, maybe they are the same thing (I hope that some of you knows it ). I’m a big fun of Brocante and Antique Marquet
I remember when I visited the South of France and The Provence that there were so many Brocantes.
Some of them were like store and they had so many beautiful home interiors and garden furniture! I love to visit them and find gems and treasures and to look about curiously. If you decide to go to a flea market you have to know that:
– usually you have to be there early in the morning , otherwise if you go too late the risk is that all the good things will be gone;
– be sure to have cash in your pocket, usually they do not accept credit card (rare exceptions!);
– gently negotiate! It’s funny sometimes to assist to a negotiation! Once you could do very good bargains for furnitures, fabrics, chairs … Now that it is “fashion” to buy at the brocante they are a bit more expensive don’t you think?
– ask informations about the object you want to buy, you never know what history could be behind it!
– Have fun!

Do you like flea market? What do you look for when you visit them? Do you have any particular objet you collect? What would you sell from your home in a flea market?

  • As it is a spring Saturday morning here, the flea markets are here. I am dying to go to a Brocante - it is on my wish list!
    Thank you so much for finding me so that I could find you - your blog is divine!

  • Hello, I was very suprised to see the pictures of my store, I like your story about brocante and your blog very much!!
    With kind regards Désirée (brocanterie Déjà-Vu)

  • Gaia said:

    Thank you Désirèe, I'm a big fan of Brocante!