{Formentera – The lighthouse}

Ibiza: Lightouse at the Port.

Cap de Barbaria is one of the island Lighthouse. Situated at southest point of Formentera, if there is no clouds you can see Gibilterra (that’s what the locals said!)…I wasn’t lucky enough!

La Mola the other lighthouse is at the opposite point. We went there the first day. Just arrived we rented the scooter and decided to take a tour of the Island. We arrived at La Mola (10 kms from Es Pujoles) at 7 in the afternoon, sun was going down, very windy and we were freezing!

In every place I go where there are Lightouses Igo and visit them. I’ve always been attracted on them and their histories. Last summer I’ve been to Maine and over there all the coast is full of big and small lighthouses, it’s seems that some of them are haunted from ghosts and some other, now, are transformed in bed & breackfast.
Will you live in a lighthouse? It could be a nice experience…