I have some questions for all of you:

* What flavour has your summer ?
My summer has the flavour of sweet and juicy black figues, watermelon and basil…basil everywhere! I love the parfum of the after sun cream after a day at sea. I love the salty flavour of the beach. Just one fragrance reminds me that flavour : Rem by Reminiscence

* Which is your summer song ever ?
Sunny Bobby Hebb

* Which is your perfect aperitive ?

Sunset on the beach or in a terrace where you can see all the beauty of the sea, some friends, chats, laughs, candles, big pillows, some fruits, cold white wine or a cocktail

* Any particular memories about your childood summer holidays?
I remember all the trips with my parents and brothers, my first vacation abroad, my trip to Mexico.
I have so many memories but I think I’ll pick the holidays spent every year in Umbria and Tuscany. At the end of school we left the city for a 3 months of holiday. We have a family home in Versilia, on the Tuscany coast. Now I go there every weekends, but when I was a little girl we stayed there June and July and the first 2 weeks of September, we came home just the day before the beginning of the new school year. It was just beach, sea, swimming lessons, ice cream, movie at the drive in, stay out with th summer friends that are still the best friends. In August we stayed 1 month in Umbria, at the country side with uncle and cousins, swimming pool, visit some little villages, do the homework (the worst part of the holiday)…

* What’s your definition of Summer ?
Summer is short pants and sandals. Stay out till late , ice cream and ride the bike. Summer is freedom, quite and nostalgia.

* Where would you spend your next Summer holidays ? Do not know yet. I’d like California or Utah and Montana. I’d like the North of Europe: Copenaghen at the top. I’d like the England country. Greece to lay down the beach and swim in the blue tourquoise sea, back to Formentera…

* Your must have for this Summer?
Feminine dresses, Capri flat sandals, big jewels, sunglasses

1-7-8) J.Crew; 2) One Vintage Veronica necklace (net-a-porter); 3) Cream large rose clutch bag (debenhams); 4) Antik Batik Langoa Sandals; 5) Earrings (Anthropologie); 6) KOKO

And now it’s your turn. Can’t wait to read your answers…