{Country Chic Wedding}

I love wedding blog and web site, I have some favs but in general I love them all.
They always show beautiful pics, amazing wedding setting up, fantastic flowers bouquets, unbelievable cakes and more.

Thanks to Daisy I can show you this wedding that captured my hearth and my eyes.

I love the idea to offer seasonal fruits as if it was a farmer market. Sometimes the semplicity of the things it can be elegant too. The contrast between the fruits and the “impressive” flower setting up so perfect. can you see the little nest with the little eggs? So sweet!

Love the palette colors (pink …Obvious!) and all those little cute different bouquets on the table….

Pink Macarons, J’adore!

The vintage bird cages as a perfect chandelier… can you imagine when the sun went down what a magic atmosphere?

  • OH My....I can't choose a favorite amongst all these fabulous photos! Makes me want to have an outdoor party (since I'm already married, ha!).

    Lovely, inspiring post!

    P.S. I've filed away the Greece house and will check into it for next Summer! thanks for the info!

  • Wow wow wow! If my husband and I renew our vows sometime down the road, I want it to be decorated just like those pictures.

  • Oh my gosh! I would have loved to have been a guest at this magical wedding!

  • It's all amazing, Gaia, but those invitations are my favorite! XX

  • Segna tutto mi raccomando! Wedding planner con l'auricolare!..hihihi

  • How wonderful are those birdcages set as chandeliers above the outdoor table!?!? Great finds. :)

  • Thats amore!!!!!!
    I'm nuts over the invites & frankly would much rather be given berries as favor than some of the ugly, irrelevant things Ive donated to charities. Im actually anti favor. Spend it on better wine please.

  • Che meraviglia questo matrimonio!!! Quasi quasi mi verrebbe voglia di risposarmi!!! Le gabbie sono favolose! Sono un po' fissata...mi sa che non è un bel segno!
    Buona giornata!!!