{A promis is a promis!}

I had a relaxing weekend. My boyfriend (I missed him!!!) was in London with a friend and I went to Tuscany. When summer season begin we spend almost every weekend there where I have a home just in front of the beach. Every morning we have breakfast on the balcony watching the sea! It’s not a “mansion”, as the one I see all over the blogs, but It’s a very sweet apartment and the most important thing is that this is home for us!
However… I had the chance to have my mom all for me and we did a lot of things toghether: hang around by bike, went to Forte dei Marmi sunday’s market and to all our favorite stores ( I was a good girl…no shopping at all!!!) have dinner just the two of us, stay at the beach till late…

This is Viareggio

this is “Blanc” (Blan Mariclò)One of my favorite store. My aunt work there and the owners are friends that’s why they let me take so many pics!

Forte dei Marmi…

The elegant lady is my mom. She’s my everything!

There was a little hand crafted market just in front of the beaches. They sold chinas, home made honey, decoupage, second hand clothes, antiques…

They are not cakes but towels! Funny!

I took the next pics in Best&Cheap (I couldn’t find the web site) a new big store, like an american emporium, in Marina di Pietrasanta. It’s an amazing store and very very cheap. A wonderland! They have beautiful objects not only for homes. They have new stuff frequently! It will be the place to go every week!

It’s july and they have Christmas ornaments!!! I love IT!

Saturday evening we went out for dinner. No brothers, just me and her. We had fried fish and chips and then an home made ice cream. Before get back home we went for a walk to digest.

And that’s me!Enjoy it! Now it’s time to go to bed…

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