{What’s on your desk?}

I’ve just realised what a mess it’s my desk. It’s full of everything that I believe I cannot “live” without. Useful and unuseful things: pens, water, my pc, cards, …
Once a week I try to organize it in functional way but at the end it’s get back to a mess. The strange thing is that I’m clean and tidy, but the desk is an exception!!!

This is my table this evening!

I feel ashame but believe or not, in this mess, I work very well and I always find what I’m looking for and I know if someone touch something or change the position of my stuff.

cards, hands cream ….

my hand made lamp. It was a can used in perfumery industry to contain the essences to make parfums, shampoo…We painted and decored using decoupage technique

my phone, my moleskine and my little pink notebook where I write all the things I’m gonna post on my blog

obviously water, my pc in stand by

egg chocolate! I know it’s not the right period for chocolate but I don’t eat them. I bought them because I loved the decoration on it.

Tomorrow is saturday and I’m going to dedicate an hour to cleaning to make my desk more presentable. I’ll throw away what I really don’t use! I’m not good on miracles but I’ll do my best!

And now it’s your turn: how is your desk? clean and tidy or a mess?

Goodnight my ladies!

  • My desk is actually realy clean...but the drawer I must admit gets stuffed with stuff. I love your messy desk! It is so fun to see what people love to surround themselves with. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the clean up!

  • Iva said:

    Its not that messy!!! It looks like you have a lot of fun things there! Really! I love the blog notebook, and the eggs they really have a beautiful decoration on them, your desk is very pretty too. I love your office space! I am sure you will do an amazing job with your hour dedicated to cleaning the area. I hope you have a great weekend!

  • Alley said:

    Like you, my desk is always an organized mess :)

  • I love the mess on your desk! I guess my beading-desk is similar -but I'm a coward to tell..Have a great weekend -Love//Eva

  • I love your mess - I work well too with my things around me. If I am too tidy I just can't seem to get down to it, xv.

  • Your desk looks cozy! I try to keep my work area orderly, but most of the time I fail.

  • my desk is a mess! I never clean up m room or desk Im kind of feeling bad for my maid! (shes just a human being)

    I wish you good luck on cleaning your desk I know that even if I willed to do it I wouldnt because its sort of scary anything (literally ANYTHING) could be there
    creepy huh!

  • Gaia said:

    thank you girls for your understanding. I know most of you have a mess on the desk as me, don't be worried to do outing!
    I try to clean up but it's still bed!!!

  • Your desk looks cozy and charming to me. My mind cannot function without order anymore so my desk/office is always tidy. Now drawers...that's another story...they catch everything...and hide everything as well. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.
    p.s. I'll have to read Hepburn's biography. Thanks for mentioning it.

  • It all depends on the day..one day its a disaster then I get the overwhelming need to make it neat & tidy...lately its all disaster.
    I give you soo much credit for not eating the chocolates. Are they not secretly begging you to eat them??? I know mine always do.