{Summer Sweetness }

I need some more sweetness today!
I’m still excited and I need something different today! I need to be busy to stop thinking how I miss my ladies
I need to do something , to create, to cook or to sew.
Summer is fantastic for his fruits, I love peaches, figs, apricots, water melon
This is the best period to prepare jams for winter, to capture all the summer flavours and enjoy them in winter, when it’s cold and sadly dark!
Days are shorter, no sun and the only thing you want is to stay home drinking a cup of hot tea and eating a slice of warm apricot cake.
Last week I’ve made my Apricot jam. 
Here’s my recipe:
2Kg of apricots
1kg of sugar
1tbsp of grounded cinnamon (if desired)
1 lemon
For my jam I use ripen apricots, they are better, they are more juicy and sweet.
Wash them gently under water and cut them in four pieces. Add the sugar, the lemon juice and the lemon zest and the cinnamon . If desired you can add almonds too. I don’t like them but it’s up to you.
Let the mix rests for a day or even more and then pour it in a soucepan. Boil slowly stirring continuously. Cook for at least 40 minutes, or untill you realize that the jam reached the right consistency!
Now it’s time to put the jam on the jars. Make sure that you have enough jam jars and that they are well sterylised.
Fill the jars and close them. Invert (put upside down) the jars to create vacuum-pack and let them sit overnight!
What I love is to use small jars , very cute to give as gifts to friends and you can customize them with your own labels.
Then eat it!
Have a great day darling!
I’m on a train for Tuscany!
Talk to you later!