{Secret Squirrel Clothing}

Good Morning Ladies! What a better way to begin a new week with some new fresh fashion?

Secret Squirrel Clothing from Australia, as all most of my post lately. Australia seems to be very vibrant and energic. Every time I find a new stuff I like (design, fashion, food…) you bet is from Australia. I’m a kind of a magnet for Australia. It’s a sign? Do I have to move over there? Australia is calling me?

Bri Cheeseman and Andrew Prince are the creator of the Sydney label Secret Squirrel Clothing.
If you ask Bri to tell you more about their clothes she’ll answer you: “I guess if I had to define Secret Squirrel, I’d say what we’re trying to do is make clothes that will stand the test of time. Clothes that are simple and elegant without necessarily looking ‘simple and elegant’. We are young and modern, and a little innocent, but there is a splash of gorgeous and grown up about us, too,” Vintage fashions are a key inspiration for the label, as are everyday things like people watching, TV, music, art, flowers, pretty blogs. “All those things everyone says”.

They like to mix something girly with something strong and the final result is very amazing. Their style reminds me to a modern Rocker Cinderella!

  • Iva said:

    I love the first one! {they are all beautiful! but the first one...I cant stop looking at it!} I will have to go look at the rest of their stuff! thank you so much for sharing! Great stuff! No, no, LOL maybe you can visit there :)

  • What better way to start the week? How 'bout if some of those adorable dresses were hanging in my closet! Happy Monday, amica!

  • I love how easy these are to put on but the final look is so stylish! Great for days when you don't want to dress up but have to.

  • The name of your blog caught my eye, and then you mentioned Australia (where I am), and then I looked through your blog and I loved reading about your interests and adventures. If you visit my blog, and my etsy shop you will find I have some Alice In Wonderland stationery which might appeal to you. Wendy xx

  • Oooh, what a great find!! I LOVE the red dress...

    I hope you had a good weekend... I relaxed - it was wonderful :)

    Saskia x

    PS your beach photos below are stunning!

  • Love this find of yours...Australia is bursting with such beautiful talent, non?

    The first dress is my favorite!

  • Amy said:

    What a great find! The red dress is my favorite.

  • Susan said:

    great find, dear!
    the first one is my favorite :)

  • Hahahaha! I just found this old post on your blog! Yep, you should come to Australia, you will love it! (Come when the weather gets warmer though)
    ~ Clare x