{and at the end of the day… }

This is how my weekend ended…saturday evening me and my Mr B. went out for dinner.
I booked in a very lovely little restaurant that is directly on the beach! The moment I call the restaurant I ordered already the dinner for my love because he doesn’t like fish and as you can understand we might had the problem with the food once we sat at the table!

We started with a glass of wine as aperitivo at the sunset and then we had a very nice and romantic dinner. For him filetto and vegetables and fruits salad with vanilla cream ice cream on top and I had an appetizer of different kind of fishes cooked in different ways and a “fish lasagnetta” and I ended with a lemon sorbetto.

(pics uploaded from my cell..not terrific but not bad !)

The evening was what I call perfection : my lover, great food, fantastic place and the moon looking at you.

What about your weekend? What have you done? Nothing to remember?

  • Susan said:

    wow, you had a great time it seems! so romantic :)
    lovely place.
    happy week, xoxo

  • I adore that you ordered B's meal prior to arrival...how sweet is that!?!?!

    We spent the lovely sunny morning at the Farmer's Market eating such ripe and succulent stone fruits!

  • You are so right about 'taking care of our loves'!

    Stone fruits are peaches, nectarines, cherries, etc.

  • Susan said:

    thank you darling, I had a great weekend, too! my boy went home to his family, I missed him much, but it's always a great time for a girly weekend when he's away! :) I met the girls, went shopping and watched SATC :)

  • This made me smile. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. And each other. Dinner on the beach sounds lovely. :)

  • You had a great evening on the beach! I spent some wonderful days on the islands, in the nice little boat, in a perfect weather..Love//Eva

  • Kris said:

    Yummy! I just relaxed at the park on the east river this weekend.

  • Gaia said:

    Saskia darling, i still have a problem with your blog. Everytime I try to come to your blog I receive this answer: The profile is not available.

    What can I do?

  • Amy said:

    That sounds like a lovely evening!
    I had a relaxing weekend. We went out for Black Current ice cream on Saturday night...delish!

  • What a gorgeous view Gaia & frankly I'd never have known they were cell photos!!!