{Sunset at the beach}

Sunset is my favorite part of the day at the beach. After a hot day, Sunset arrive with his breeze you put on your sweater and you stay till late at the beach talking with friends, finishing that page of the book you are reading or just looking at the sea.

The beach is only your. Moms and children are going home and no screaming at all . At the end of the day the only thing I want is to enjoy the beach all alone. I love the colors of the sky and the sea and the parfums. I love to take the last walk before to go home.

At the end of the day, people is waiting for the perfect wave

and you? What do you wait for at the end of the day? Are you more a “Sunset” or “Sunshine” person?

Love you

  • Iva said:

    I'm both! I need both. Love both!! They are so beautiful. I love the sun and I love relaxing to it setting in the beautiful distance! :) Have a great night and weekend! :)

  • such glorious beach scenes, thanks for your tip about the homemade book I have added it to my ever growing wish list!


  • Gorgeous shots. I love the romance of sunset - the cool lapping of the waves, and the sun waving goodbye to me... but I also love the intimacy of sunrise. Not many people are awake at sunrise, so the few times I have been up for one, I feel like I am sharing a little intimate secret with the sun. Like God is telling me a beautiful secret to brighten up my day.

  • I wish I lived closer to the beach so I could visit everyday...but I am definitely a sunshine person but do enjoy the occasional sunset. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. Hope you have a good weekend.

  • Sunset. Here in AZ my house faces west looking over the distant mountains so its all pink, orange & purple every night. I love the beach at sunset for the same reasons as you (naturally we're 2 smart great women afterall), deserted, peaceful....better with a bottle of vino & a few candles.
    Have a treasure of a weekend Gaia!! Relax & restore!!!

  • Cool itaian summer <3 Maybe next year I´ll be visiting your country!

  • I´m definetively a sunset person - but I also love sunrises,early in the morning...in both the light is always so special and mystical.And my skin shines definetively in that orange warm light more beautiful ;o)I love to take photographes in that kind of light...Beautiful shots you´ve shared with us!Wish you a very lovely weekend Beauty!

  • Amy said:

    Beautiful photos! I love when I go to the beach on vacation to take a walk at sunset or later in the evening. The quiet is so nice, just the sound of tranquil waves.

  • I love sunset too!
    I have not bathed in the mediterranean but I would love to!
    not as warm as the caribbean but who is it?
    when I go to visit you you can take me there I miss surfing (here waves are disappointingly small)