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The Farmhouse “La Piantata” is nestled among the hills at 385 metres above sea level, just a few kilometres from the enchanting Lake of Bolsena near Viterbo and from the old Etruscan town of Tuscania. The Farmhouse stands in a breathtaking, seemingly endless landscape, wholly surrounded by nature, with the 18th century farmhouse, basking in the shadows of nine towering centuries-old oaks. The perfectly trimmed lawn surrounding the manor is dotted with a number of tuff cottages used as B&B just the place for a relaxing holiday.
4 comfortable double bedrooms, 3 two-roomed apartment with kitchenette, and a double suite on an tree, at 8 meters off the ground. All rooms are in Provençal style, all of them are different one from the another; each room is named after the plant dominating the room colours and space, ensuring a relaxing stay.A bit further, amongst 12 hectares of lavender hills, there is our dream nest: a suite in the dense foliage of a century-old oak, 8 meters off the ground.

I just found this place and I’m thinking to book the suite for my next getaway!


  • I have fallen in love today - WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL TREEHOUSE!!!! Oh I want to have such a beautiful house too! I immediately need to post it,hope this is ok for you?!Such a beautiful post - thanks for sharing!I wish you a very beautiful tuesday today :o) sunny-summer-greetings,geisslein

  • Susan said:

    wow! so romantic :)
    thanks for sharing, xoxo

  • Kris said:

    I just said this on Geisslein's page and now I will say it here my darling...


  • thanks for sharing this, Gaia! This place looks so very pretty.

    Tell me, is there any place in Italy that isn't beautiful??? Because I have not found any yet.

  • Jamie said:

    Wow! It looks amazing!

    I wanted to come by & thank you for visiting my blog. It's so nice to "meet" you. :)

  • Amy said:

    What a great tree house! Plus the lavender field outside...how great!

  • I've always wanted a treehouse...and this one seems to fit the bill perfectly!

  • Ms. B said:

    Such calming and soothing photos! Thank you for stopping by my blog!



  • That is, hands down, the most beautiful tree house ever! And set before fields of lavender as well! So lovely, Gaia. Another fabulous escape. :)

  • Oh my God Gaia!!! That suite I'm soooooo in love!!! Gratitude for finding this treasure. I'm saving it for my Euro vacation next year. This is something no one should miss!! Breakfast in the trees surrounded by lavender fields.