{Something old, something new }

Pale & Interesting, an online boutique store, is the creation of husband and wife team, Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote a famous and successful couple. They worked, toghether and individually, in the magazine, photography and design industries for the last years and the produced books, interiors, furniture, products, sets, magazines features and cabins…

Inside the site you will find furniture, accessories, jewellery and books all chosen or designed by Atlanta and Dave.

Their philosophy is all about mixing it up, teaming old with new, contrasting rough with smooth and pairing femininity with utility. It’s a combination of hand-made and vintage finds, artfully-recycled objects with good functional design and comfort with touches of frivolity.

I love their style: simple but not minimalist. Their objects are made to be used and not only admired.

I think you should visit Pale & Interesting they have so many interesting and unique things! And take a look at the Look Book: they reveal some of their secrets!


  • You have me interested, love the photo's just gorgeous! Will check them out for sure.


  • ps The weekend went great, but will be better when winter is over ;( ... Thanks for asking:)

  • Susan said:

    wow! a great find, again, darling! :)
    wonderful photos and pieces!

  • Bells said:

    beautiful! thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a lovely holiday.

  • I love these pictures...I am heading to their website right now to see the things they offer. Thanks for sharing such a great find. Hope you had a good weekend.

  • The pairing of something old with something new is always preferred...and often is the most beautiful!

    Tricia - Avolli

    P.S. I've compared old and new together today too! check it out at http://swedishantiques.blogspot.com

  • Aimee said:

    I love your grouping of photos. Everything is so beautiful and cohesive...

    If you get a chance come by my Blog for a visit and say hi. I have put up quite a few new posts and will be putting more up this week from the San Francisco International Gift Fair where my Pillow Collection was featured and Romantic Homes who has featured my Pillows in their beautiful magazine.

    Have a great week,

  • I really love every picture and the vintage style! Thanks for posting, I will check the link when my computer at home will work again (it´s horrible for me not to be online...wäääh!) Wish you a wonderful day today!Geisslein

  • It all looks so wonderful. I always love their style so cannot wait to check out the shop...Ax

  • I too am a big fan of Atlanta Bartlett and actually did a post on my blog about her a couple days ago.
    I love your style.....gorgeous blog.
    Please feel free to come visit me.....
    Shawn Angela

  • Kris said:

    I love the necklace in the second pic!

  • Gaia, sweetheart!
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    for a minute I thought you were getting married... I would a bridesmaid wouldnt ? just do waht your heart tells you!
    gaias heart: Gise would be a bridesmaid...

  • Amy said:

    Another great find. I love them all but I want the pearl necklace in the second picture.

    I had a lovely time in Vermont, thanks/ It is so beautiful. I hope you have a lovely holiday away too.

  • huge atlanta fan


  • gaia sweetheart I'm leaving tomorrow and Ill really miss you and your blog, but in the meantime Ill design the perfect bridesmaid dress...hahaha
    Im gonna miss you...