Hi ladies, how are you? where are you?

I’m in love with bikes. I have my new old bike and I don’t need nothing else. I like to ride her, she makes me feel free and she always reminds me to my holidays and Tuscany.

The old style are my favourites as well the american bikes, the one without the brakes. I’d like to have a pink bike , I would be the “Pink lady with the pink Bike”.

Isn’t it amazing and useful? The basket is very big and it can contains a lot of shopping bags!

Do you have a bike? what colors is it? Do you use it just on the weekend and free time or everyday?

Love and God night

  • Kris said:

    Hey G!

    I miss my bike SO much! I had it in my studio at one point but not only did it take up too much room, but riding for pleasure in NYC is a joke unless you live right across the street from a serene bike path.

    It's in Montauk right now at my Dad's house. It's blue... and collecting dust. :o(

  • I actually have 5 bikes! Three are vintage--one which is a tandem!--and the other two are a road bike and a mountain bike. I love my Schwinn the most, which is turquoise, and My newest green Hawthorne is quite comfortable for a ride to the grocery store :-D

  • i've just spent a lot of time on the italian coast basically lusting over every bike i see, they have so many amazing classic and beautiful bikes. men seem to ride pink ladies bikes with baskets without a care or worry about what they look like and people put their dogs in baskets on the front or back and just go about their business. ahh i love it!!

  • Amy said:

    I saw this great yellow bike last week and wished I had one. I live so far in the woods though I'm not sure if it would be as fun as in the city.

    P.S. Of course I don't mind sharing. :) I'm glad you like the pictures. I am being lazy about getting them on Flickr.

  • love your pics! loving the big basket...
    i have a bike that my daughter has kind of taken over....but i'm really, really wanting a pink bike

  • Great post, great pictures! reminds me to use my bike more often! Wish you a great day with nice things happen :o)

  • Susan said:

    great photos, darling!
    I got a new-old bike from my boyfriend recently, it is my first bike in many years! I was so happy when I got it, it is dark powder pink and so girly :))
    I left you an award on my blog.
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  • I love bikes too! I cycle a lot in Holland, but where I live in the UK there are too many hills and FAR too many cars. The traffic is just horrendous!

    Saskia x

  • Great bikes!I would love to ride a red or pink one..Mine is "just" black -I use it every day in summertimes -on my way to work..Take care! Love//Eva

  • I don't have a bike yet...only the one from about my ninth birthday. I would love to have one to ride around on warm summer days. Maybe next year. Thanks for sharing all these amazing bike pictures.

  • Vintage bikes are beautiful, especially ones with big baskets to cart flowers around in, and a cute bell.