{Antiques around the city}

Summertime is the perfect period to visit Antiques and (as you know it) I really love them. I’ve been to Sarzana, in Liguria, where in August, for all the month, every summers, the city became an old market at open sky.

Hundreds of stalls all over Sarzana, an old city situated only few kms from the coastline and from the Tuscany’s border. This little village is full of history and influences from differents culture and it is a very nice place to visit.
We found a lot of interesting things, real antiques furniture or just handmade goods. The inhabitants open the door of their houses and offered a lot of products and amazing things: old books, frames, vintage jewels or home made foods as jams, cookies…

At the end we stopped in a very nice restaurant. “Indaco” is a bio- vegetarian restaurant with an asiatic touch…Cous cous, seitan, vegetables…so good!

and then it’s me…

Have a nice weekend…See you tomorrow with others adventures….

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