{Homemade Christmas decorations – Part 1}

It’s defenitely time for ideas, crafts, homemade decorations and many more… In the last years I’ve started to create my own decorations for the tree, packages and for the table as candles, garlands…

So I’ve decided to share with you my own creations. I really love to make them and I hope you’ll love it and you’ll find some nice ideas too for your Christmas!

I’d love to publish your creations too… I’d love to alternate the “etsy fav store” project with both (mine and yours) home made decorations, bake and whatever Christmas is for you…

So , please, feel free to send me pics, descriptions and… to [email protected]

Today, I’ve made a candle holder …

What do you need?

* Candles (I’ve chosen a cream one but you can use whatever colors)

unused/old cake mould ( or a glass, vase, little box)

Fresh moss and berries (or holly) You can add some “tears” of essence!

et voilà….

Isn’t it nice? It could be a nice gift for a friend…. everytime she’ll light the candle she will think to you!

What’s next?…

  • I love this!! So creative and earthy... I can just feel Christmas!!! I hope all is well!! xo

  • Elena said:

    Tesoro, qui bisogna aprire un concept store con angolo del fiorista, sìsìsì!
    Ricordami quando torni a Milano di portarti da Tea Rose... imperdibile.

  • Susan said:

    gorgeous! I can't wait to see more! you are so creative, darling.
    this helps me get into the holiday spirit :))

  • Kris said:

    Great job! Check out my blog. Posting my xmas stuff now! :o)

  • You are so creative! I wish I had that talent!!!

    P.S. I am really, really excited that you are hosting a giveaway on my blog - I am going to announce it this week! You rock!

  • I really need to get my hands on some fresh greenery and moss. It looks so lovely in those silver cake molds. :)

  • Lana said:

    You are so clever! I love the candle and moss in the tin, stunning!! Think I might have to try and copy you, I have a friend who would love one of these!:)

  • I LOOOOVE it!!!!
    hope you will have a very lovely day today!

  • It makes me feel all Christmas-sy just looking at it - gorgeous!

  • What a great idea!! So festive, it looks stunning!