During my stay in Nice I’ve found a very nice little charming store.

“Millefleurs” is in the Old Nice and is owned by Iban a young beautiful blonde lady. She’s from Denmark were she worked as interior designer and , already 10 years ago, she moved in Nice and she opened this cosy little boutique. When she found the store, it was really in a very bad condition. She did a very good job to take him to the old beauty!

The store is situated in one of the descend of the Market and it’s worth the visit! Everyday (except for Christmas Day and if it rains!) she open her little “paradise” and welcome all the clients with her sweetness and she show you everything you want to see. She’s very helpful and nice and she will help you to discover all the beautiful things her store hide!

The store is on two level… One is on the street (that’s what fascinated me the most !) with all the little table dressed with her beautiful linen and denish porcelain, and the other is up the stairs…

You’ll find beautiful basket, home linen, aprons, tea towels, accessories, and the most famous denish porcelain Green Gate

Dots, stripes, flowers, check …

It’s impossible to resist to not buy anything!

This is the perfect place to find all I need for my new home! If you are in Nice…go to see hi to Iban she will conquer you with her smile and her kindness!

Hei girls…more has to come! I hope you enjoy it!

  • Oui c'est moi qui fait les petites choses que tu vois sur mon blog....
    cette boutique à Nice ,je note l'adresse,j'ai de très bon souvenirs dans cette ville.



  • I had never heard of Green Gate before, just checked out their site, love it! Those polka dot tea cups are calling my name!

  • This shop look BEAUTIFUL. I am desperate to go there!!


  • Amy said:

    It looks like such a cute shop. I love the Green Gate tea cups. So pretty!

    P.S. Thanks for the comment. I'm doing the same but it will take me a year to get it all organized before I move. xo

  • sioux said:

    bellissimo...quando vedo queste foto, vorrei poter partire immediatamente per la provenza e non tornare più!!! grazie per avermi fatto sognare un po!

  • Now that is a gorgeous shop! Thanks for sharing such pretty pics! Have a sweet day!

  • Bells said:

    Too too lovely - how could you resist leaving anything in that shop - I want it all!