{Bargain at the antique}

Saturday afternoon I took a walk at the antique market with Mr B. We were looking for something special, and at the end we found it.

Where I live, we are not used to have antique market every sunday but only a weekend per month and if you love to bargain, or just walking around old furnitures, fabrics, vintage clothes, old jewels and accessories like I love this is a bit unnoying!


A sunny saturday helped us on our treasure hunt… Mr B has his own ideas on how to decor the house so we have to reach compromises to not fight for everything! He trust me and my style. He knows I won’t put ribbons and flowers everywhere: it won’t be a girlish house!

Mr B. looking for 2 chairs!

Beautiful china and white porcelaine.

Old Cryistal chandelier, perfect for my entrance!

My favourites object ever… I’ve collected so many pieces in the last period, bought at Nice brocante, on Etsy, on Ebay and got them from my granny! I could sell them!

Porcelaine knobs for my old furniture.

This is our treasure, 2 old french chairs. Mr B was really excited , he bargained a bit and then we took them at home! He wants to use it for his desk, I’d love to use them as nightstands… Who’s going to win?

What makes you argue with your boyfriend/husband?


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  • oh wow! I wish we had anything like that antique market here. These are very pretty photographs :)

  • Love your pretty knobs! Me and my man was arguing about whether having a beautiful -but not so practically- white carpet under the dinnertable or not..I won -we got the carpet! Love//Eva

  • belleee! Io ne ho due simili a b&b ma le vorrei anche a casa: non è facile trovarle in italia, pensavo di dover tornare in francia (ogni scusa è buona) ma vedo che se si gira un pò anche qui si trovano buoi acquisti...Ottimo acquisto!

  • Those chairs are to die for!
    e anche tutto i resto, meraviglioso.
    posso prendere in prestito la tua collezione cara? te la rendo subito eh, un giorno o due...

  • io adoro il lampadario con le gocce! Per fortuna sull'arredamento non ho mai litigato col mio amore ma sull'uso del telecomando sì ( e spesso..).
    Sono troppo curiosa di vedere tutte le belle cosine con cui arrederete il vostro nido !

  • In my hometown we also have antiques fair once a month, is very exciting and i bet is even more when you have your one place to decor ^^ I'm in love with the knobs, so cute!!
    The chairs are so beautiful and versatile, i hope you win :)

  • Beautifull those porcelaine knobs!!! Just love them! I wish I could find them in a market place like yours!!! Lovely blog as well, I will come to visit you often!!! Cheers!

  • ABsolutley gorgeous! What a beautiful collection of prettiness all in the one place!

  • This looks like a lovely market!
    By the way... there is a little surprise for you over at my blog!

  • Bells said:

    Great find! I love a good antique market and your country due the best ones!

  • I love antiques and flea markets. You can always find the most unusual items, and I love how they always have a story. Those chairs are great! I also love that chandelier and the bright porcelain knobs!

  • that antique market looks fabulous...I want to go there!!! When it comes to arguing...i guess lately is more about the kids...and what is wright or wrong... what's funny is before our fights use to take longer now...after one hour we are like ..let's not fight....!

  • Lana said:

    Wish I could come with you, it looks amazing! Have a lovely weekend!x