{Un fil rouge…}

Even if is not my color, I love red.
Red is passion, red is love, red is elegant, red is Valentino, red is Chanel nail vernish, red is HOT…

I’ve never thought to decor my house with red, it’s defenitely too much for me, but when I come across to some beautiful red objects the first reaction is “WOW!” then I feel overwhelmed form happiness… ‘cause Red is Happiness!

I’m sorry for the quality of the images but I took them from an old issue of Marie Claire Idèes (april 2007).

Thanks to Nadine that gave me this award… Don’t you know her? She has an amazing blog “The design notebook“. After I’ve seen her header she had me immediately… My dad was a journalist and her typewriter reminds me when he wrote in the evening… I remember the “tic tac” sound when he pushed the letters…

Thanks Nadine… Unfortunately I CAN’t follow the rule! This award goes to more than 12 friends…It goes to everybody, so feel free to bring the award and post it on your blog!

  • Hi Gaia, congratulations on your award. I visited you from Nadine's lovely blog and wanted to let you know that you have a gorgeous blog and I am looking forward to following you. xx

  • This post is so passionate!
    red is not my color either, but I like a pop of it every now and then!

  • RED, why not ?? ma a piccole dosi ,like a tablecloth or an apron, even if you're too cool to wear an pron ;))

  • A piccole dosi non è male ma io sono per il total white si sa :-)
    Mi piace pero' molto la scritta della prima foto!

  • Gaia Ooh,
    I'm very excited because Nadine has made a mention to my blog in "The design notebook"

    Your site is beautiful, you're right.

    And your photographs in red are also lovely!


  • The kitchen looks perfect with items like those. Red is such a strong colour and the kitchen is a place for gathering, for experiences, for family. I think you did a great choice addind red to your home ^^

  • I like red and white. Before I painded my kitchen white, it was red and white for 15 years.;-) Hug Stina

  • Kris said:

    Love the red. My living room is a deep dark red and gold... good times!

  • I love red. I wear a lot of it... and I have little pops of it round my house... I spray painted a lampstand and our wine rack both red... they look great but I'm not sure a whole room of red would look good in our house - the rooms here are too small to carry it off!


  • Susan said:

    red is not my color either. I don't like seeing it around me... I don't know why because sometimes I even love it on others.
    did you manage to buy the domain, darling? :)

  • Amy said:

    I'm with you red isn't a color that I think first for decorating but I LOVE those red letters in the first picture. So much fun!

  • I'm like you with red - but I do like it as an accent. When I was a little girl, it was my favorite color...so as a way to honor that, we painted our front door red, even though we don't really have red anywhere else in the house. :)


  • those letters in the first picture are great! I completely agree with you about red being overwhelming sometimes in a house but I love all of you picks.