{A good day…}

… begin always with a good breakfast!

I know how difficult it could be during the week ‘cause we are always in a hurry. Early wake up, not enough time to set the table and to sit enjoying a good coffe reading newspaper. That’s a pity!

That’s why the weekend should be dedicated to breakfast ritual. You should pamper yourself, your fiancè, your children, your family, your friends at least the weekend when you are justified to take it slowly!

Even better… someone should pumper YOU! You need to take a break from everything! I know happiness it’s not in a breakfast (even if it well prepared and with love) but it’s a good point to start!

I make it simple, bread, cereal, butter, marmelade, fruits, coffe (a lot of coffee!!!) and milk, sometimes I add some muffins or some homemade bread but usually it’s like this!

Believe me, the day will be soooo good!

*pictures by me*

Ah… don’t forget to put flowers on the table…

Girls…happy monday and happy week! I had such a weekend… I’d love to tell you more… Federica she will tell you everything and maybe I will show you some pics!

I need to thanks Francesca, she’s not a blogger (not yet… You never know!) but she’s an Hurricane! My oldnewitalianlivinginLondonfriends… Hope to see you soon!