{Cosy details – part 2}

Few weeks ago, I’ve spent an entire day with Irene and her family. You can read here (More than a lunch – Part 1) how beautiful and intense that day has been!
This is the 2 part of that day….
After  lunch we went to Valdirose her beautiful Bed & Breakfast. A charming old villa that used to be her house when she was young. In 2007 the house has been totally renovated by her father and transformed in a charming Bed & Breakfast.
Actually it’s very reductive calling it B&B. Do you know the “Chambre D’Hotes“? Well, they are charming villas all over France where you can rent a room and eat amazing food! 
Valdirose has nothing to envy to those “Chambre d’Hotes”. Irene, Paolo, her husband and Irene’s parents run this beautiful place with passion and love. Love that you can feel all over the house and the garden in every single details. 
Irene it’s “obsessed” from details and that’s one of the thing we have in common!
I couldn’t take any pic of the cosy rooms…They were all occupied. A pity for me but a joy for them!!!
If you want to see them you can visit her website Valdirose.
Valdirose has a fantastic veranda where you can enjoy a good breakfast with homemade products!
Irene and Paolo serve breakfast every morning! They made all the efforts to make their guests happy and they try always to satisfy their requests! 
Flowers from her garden 
and pillows everywhere …
In the kitchen beautiful porcelaine…
They have a cute wood stove just outside the house were they prepare Pizza every Saturdy for their guest!

They have an outdoor swimming pool too…

Just in front at Valdirose ther’s her parent’s home!
We spent few hours there talking about some renovation Irene wanted to do to the rooms and playing with Beatrice! I love her! She ‘s a fantastic girl! I’d love to show you some pics… I’ll have to ask to her mom first!
That’s enough for now! I could go on and on talking about it but I’m sure there will be soon another occasion to show you some good pics from Valdirose!
If you need and information about rooms, reservation and whatever else, write to Irene
Tell her I’ve told you that !
Have a nice day!
  • buondì! Ma quanta bellezza possono filtrare i tuoi occhi?! Anche una pigna fuori posto prende un senso!! Sai rendere speciale anche un sassolino! Grazie infinite !

  • Io devo aspettare ancora 1 mesetto e poi finalmente andrò in questo posto meraviglioso!

  • Ciao Gaia,
    mi sono intrufolata nel tuo blog e devo dire che è veramente stupendo!
    Le tue foto e la tua descrizione fanno venire una gran voglia di vedere di persona il Valdirose,
    appena posso ci andrò d certo con la mia dolce metà.

    Buona Giornata

  • scatti meravigliosi... per un luogo meraviglioso! (da visitare spero al più presto!)

  • Che belle le tue foto Gaia, sarò ripetitiva, ma non vedo l'ora di vederti all'opera con la tua macchina fotografica!

    Manca poco dai!

    Un bacino


  • Lynda said:

    isn't it jusst GORGEOUS!!!!! it looks like something that isn't real! From a magazine!!! But it IS real!!!!!.....who knows one day.....*DREAM*;)))


  • Wauwwwww....she has a nice b&b...and blog too...i love your pictures today !!!!!..Gaia..........wonderful......happy evening darling.....love Ria....

  • Mara said:

    Bellissime queste foto!!! e che dettagli meravigliosi al Valdirose...come sono curiosa! ;)

  • So many beautiful details, i love the birds and the matches! Have a sweet day!

  • Oh I love it so much!! what beautiful photos... thank you for sharing so many gorgeous details. I have enjoyed them with my cup of coffee today.

    xoxo Heather

    p.s.- you have a beautiful blog!

  • Gaia, dear.

    You sure know how to enjoy life!

    And what a place! Everything is stunning - including your photos.

    Hugs from Seattle,


  • Lana said:

    Wow, gorgeous photos Gaia, they just keep getting better and better! Looks like an amazing place.