A summer night…

I need to get back to old habits…I need to post every day… I need you to be patient with me and with my (lately) laziness…

As I promised here I’m with my pics .
It is my favorite place. It’s Pietrasanta . I know it by heart, every single place and corner and I never get tired of it.

In Summer every restaurant are full and it’s impossible to find a table for dinner. A lot of foreigners, youngs and families with children, from all over the world sit at the tables eating and drinking good food and fresh italian wine. All the restaurant have table on the streets and from 8.00 till late in the night the streets are “alive”.

I did window shopping, one of my favorite pastime! A lot of unbelievable home decor stores…

Pietrasanta is a little village up on the hill. Just 4 kms from the coast. This is the main square and all the little streets around are full of treasure to discover.

We had dinner in this cosy restaurant “Au cul du sac”. We begun with a big variety of starters ham and cheese, served with focaccia, then sea food for me and a carpaccio for Mr B.

We had a great time… So romantic , just me and my Mr B!

I feel so nostalgic back to the city! I Can’t wait for the next weekend that I’ll go back and for your comments.

I hope you’ll have a great weekend!

Sorry ladies…Happy Labour Day to you all!