{Shining home}

Good morning Ladies! Today is the first day of Fall…
Here, where I live, is a very bad day! You look outside the windows and you see grey, black clouds, and the temperature is getting down and down!
I don’t know what is good with Fall…I’m a spring/summer girl, but I love to wear boots and dresse, little coat and ballerinas!
Fall is the perfect time to prepare a “things to do” list from now till next summer or for a shorter period too… I’ll think about it and I’ll post my list…

What I need the most today, grey monday and first day of fall, is more light and bright as you see in this gorgeous house!

The British style mix antiques and vintage with new furnitures and details. I love the chandelier with crystal pendandt. It’s unusual for a kitchen but the contrast creates a stunning result!!

The white is the perfect color to furnish an house. It gives you the opportunity to play with fabrics, flowers, stripes and colors.

Isn’t it beautiful the wallpaper? The pattern reminds me to the 50’s.

The pale color palette accentuate the brightness of the room.

The big windows let the light get in…

I love this house!
Have a terrific beginning of week ladies!

  • I love this home too! Do you remember my post?

  • hey you! love this post :) makes me wish fall wasn't here and I was getting ready for spring! I've been so good lately how about you!? I'm actually sitting in the NYC airport flying home. have a wonderful Monday! xoxo

  • WOW! I want a house like that! :O
    I already develope my list:
    -keep my 18/20 promedy at school
    -socialize and socialize
    -Get exempt (not doing the final exam) of 5 subjects or more

    Yeah, I know... sort of schoolgirlish :P Well, that´s what I am ;)
    -Forgetmenot ;P

  • I love all the beautiful light in this house! And yes, I agree, Spring and Summer are far superior in my book!

  • Amy said:

    Lovely house. I really like the blue and white tiles. You don't see that much here. So pretty.

    You reminded me I need to find new ballerinas. My old hurt my feet.

  • Susan said:

    gorgeous photos!
    it's quite cold here, too... and it makes me sad sometimes. can't wait to have spring here again! :)
    have a great day, xoxo

  • I think I saw this in a magazine, english girl in Sweden wasn't it?

  • Kris said:

    love the idea of a to-do list. Should make a really pretty one in a picture application and post it!

  • Gaia said:

    @Purple Area...Thakn you! I forgot to give the credits to the pics...Just did it!

    @Kris. I'm preparing my to do list with pics...You are right! Will be perfect!

  • Elle said:

    Hi Gaia! This could possibly be my first comment on your blog, but I've been following for a bit. I've nominated you for a blog award at my blog, come for a visit if you wish! :)

  • Gaia!! the greatest gaia
    Its a lovely house here there is no fall but s fun to see how youll spend yours in a faraway land

  • Send me the link!! I want to include you in the post.

    I am so sorry I didn't see it. Hope you can forgive me!


  • oh my gosh that little window seat!!

    and thank you so much for your comment. actually all your comments because they're all so thoughtful and kind. they really bring a smile to my face when i read them.

    hope you're having a great week!

  • Thanks for visiting my blog, Gaia, I have a translate button that translate from swedish to english, didn't you see it?

  • I agree with you! Summer is much more better than Autumn! This home is a beauty! Charming and inspiring mix of old a nice fabrics! I'd like to live there!

  • I could also do with a good dose of lightness and brightness... it seems that Autumn is suddenly here all too quickly!

    What a beautiful house... I love all the white everywhere... I love Federica's new home for the same reason!

    Saskia x