{To be continued …}

Where were we?

… and finally the day of the move arrived … My sweet owner cover me carefully to protect me during the travel…

After few days of chaos I found my place in the new home and I have to admit that I really love it!


Ta Da…

What do you think of my new style? My owner is very shy and truly modest but let me say something “You did a great job!”

Now I have another role…No more clothes but dishes, glasses, porcelaine…

She has an obsessive cure to details in a positive way ( that type of attention to minute details but she’s not mentally ill!) I hope she will show you soon the beautiful things she put inside me. Beautiful heritage from her granny, her collections of old marmelade jars and bottle and many more.

I love the chicken wire. I’m exhibitionist and the chicken wire it’s perfect for me…Everyone can look inside!

This is my friend … but we’ll talk about it another day… Today is my day!

(*photos by my owner!*)

p.s.: a big thank you to my adorable assistant!