{To be continued …}

Where were we?

… and finally the day of the move arrived … My sweet owner cover me carefully to protect me during the travel…

After few days of chaos I found my place in the new home and I have to admit that I really love it!


Ta Da…

What do you think of my new style? My owner is very shy and truly modest but let me say something “You did a great job!”

Now I have another role…No more clothes but dishes, glasses, porcelaine…

She has an obsessive cure to details in a positive way ( that type of attention to minute details but she’s not mentally ill!) I hope she will show you soon the beautiful things she put inside me. Beautiful heritage from her granny, her collections of old marmelade jars and bottle and many more.

I love the chicken wire. I’m exhibitionist and the chicken wire it’s perfect for me…Everyone can look inside!

This is my friend … but we’ll talk about it another day… Today is my day!

(*photos by my owner!*)

p.s.: a big thank you to my adorable assistant!

  • ooo - i commented on the last photo saying i liked it, but now i love it even more :)

    great work!

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  • Gaia~
    It is spectacular! I love it! And I think it is much happier with delightful dishes on display than a 'dark holding cell' for clothes!

  • sei stata bravissima!Mi ricorda un immagine del primo libro di arredamento che ho comprato e sul quale ho sognato per mesi e poi quante cose belle ci sono dentro mi son messa gli occhiali per vederci meglio!

  • Debby said:

    I liked the cabinet when it was pink but I LOVE what you did with it.

  • Now I can post about him/her (it's a boy or a girl?) to my readers :-)
    Such a great job!

  • Hey - great job! like your style! have a lovely weekend!!!

  • Oooooh Gaia !!! are you kidding me? Is this adorable, chic, gorgeous home really in Bologna and not in France or Sweden or...
    Tu sei proprio un mito !
    Buon weekend!!!

  • E' meraviglioso! Adoro la rete...molto decorativa!!!
    Buon week end!!

  • Fantastica.. anch'io adoro la rete al posto del vetro.. e tu sei stata incredibilmente brava!
    Buon primo maggio!

  • Dear Gaia,
    I love it. IT is beautiful.
    I love what you have done to this piece. I would love to be the owner of of this cabinet. It looks perfect I can hardly wait to see the reset of your beautiful home.
    I love that chair with the lamp behind it. LOVELY!
    Take Care,

  • Lana said:

    It looks beautiful Gaia, you did an amazing job!

  • Bells said:

    Che Bello!
    Gaia this is so so beautiful - you have such perfect taste! Do you mind if I save this picture for inspiration?

  • l`ho appena intravisto nel blog di federica ed eccolo qui in tutta la sua meravigliosa meravigliositá :) cara gaia piacere di conoscere il tuo dresser e il tuo blog meraviglioso! dalle foto di fede si capisce che hai un buon gusto strepitoso e che il tuo nido sta diventando qualcosa di incantevole! ti seguiró stanza per stanza :) un bacione e complimenti!